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Ph digraph worksheet PDF results

Consonant digraphs: ph

Microsoft word viewer 97 - ph word bank.doc... digraph dolphin phantom phoneme phonics prophet triumph typhoon... this worksheet may be reproduced without...

Phonics "gh" or "ph" the letters gh and ph

Name: phonics "gh" or "ph" the letters gh and ph can both make the /f/ sound. examples: gh - cough ph - phone fill in the words...

Ch gh kn ng ph sh tch th

Microsoft word - digraphslist.doc. consonant and vowel digraph word lists ©havefunteaching.com consonant digraphs list ch gh kn ng ph sh tch th wh wr

Consonant digraphs

... are as follows: ck, th, sh, ng, ph, ch.... r˘i§ng ph /f/ gr≥a§ph "what is the difference between a digraph and a blend?"a... ng åclµunk ·th"˘is •distribute worksheet...

Consonant digraphs: wh-

... 2005 first school years (www.firstschoolyears.com ) this worksheet may be reproduced without permission for educational use.

Language - spelling

In fact the only place you don't often find the 'ph' digraph is after a vowel digraph ending in 'u', where the 'gh' digraph likes to hang out. like all spelling...

Ch words

Cherry carl, 2009 consonant digraph ch ch imney consonant digraph ch consonant digraph ch ch ur ch consonant digraph ch consonant digraph ch ch ildren consonant digraph...

Th words

Consonant digraph th th read consonant digraph th consonant digraph th th ree consonant digraph th 3 consonant digraph th th irteen consonant digraph th 13 consonant digraph...

Reading made easy with blend phonics for all ages

Consonant digraph: wh unit 11. ng (ang, ing, ong, ung) unit 12. nk (ank, ink, onk,, unk)... silent k, w, t, b, and l unit 42. se sounds like z unit 42. ph sounds like f...

A steck-vaughn co. correlation of saxon phonics & spelling level 3 ...

... 10-1 soft c and soft g lesson masters: worksheet #: 34-1 reading word list: pg. 34 nk n/a consonant digraph: ck lesson masters: worksheet #: 9-2 consonant digraphs: ph...

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