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Y4 games PDF results

Year 4 - design an invasion game

Year 4 - design an invasion game learning intentions(qca 2000) vocabulary(qca 2000) content assessment acquiring and developing skills:• to develop the range and consistency of their skills• able to use a range of techniques when passing e.g. high/low, fast/slow, bounced.• ability to change direction and speed when travelling/dribbling the... • ability to adapt rules in agreement with others and make new rules for their own games which they explain and teach to others...

Invasion games: adapted from qca phe unit 9 and 21

... pe invasion games: adapted from qca phe unit 9 and 21 about the unit in this unit children learn simple attacking tactics using a range of equipment and skills, and start to think about how to organise themselves to defend their goals. they... Adapted from qca schemes of work qca 2000 sept 2002 adapted from pe - invasion games unit 2 sept 2002 class 4j autumn term 2002...

Bare necessities

Welcome to the first newsletter from the maths team in our 'year of number fun'. we are delighted to congratulate emma jade kennedy from longleaze and jade from zouch for winning our logo and slogan competition. we will be using these to promote our work this year. we look forward to meeting the children and Presenting them with a games pack for their class. congratulations! bare necessities. just published by the maths team - a booklet of fantastic games to help children

Ks2 framework for languages

What do children in year 4 feel about language learning?"everyone thinks it's good. it's educational and you get to do fun things in the lessons like playing games, telling stories and using ict.""it's really great because you can use languages for real!""it brings the world into your classroom!" What do children in year 4 feel about language learning? "everyone thinks it's good. it's educational and you get to do fun things in the lessons like playing games...

Year 4

Year 4. year 4 high frequency words above across almost along also always animal any around asked baby balloon before began being below better between birthday...

Active maths

Jdjy8 introduction this booklet has been produced by a group of wirral teachers who are interested in developing their teaching to take into account different learning styles. the focus on kinaesthetic activities developed naturally as it was generally felt that this was perhaps the approach least catered for in existing plans. after initial... Jdjy8 maths games mexican wave fizz buzz stand up or clap for odd numbers / even numbers etc. number police - number has been stolen. what number is it?

Key stage 2 pupils should be taught:

Gymnastic•different ways of performing basic actions of travelling both on the floor and using activities apparatus•to link a series of actions both on the floor and using apparatus, and how to repeat them. dance•to develop control, co-ordination, balance, poise and elevation in the basic actions of travelling, jumping, turning, gesture and... Key stage 2 pupils should be taught: games •to understand and play small-sided games and simplified versions of recognised competitive games and individual games...

Hobbies list autumn term 2011

Other half activities autumn term 2011 if possible, please return the completed slips to the office before friday 1 st july hobbies will begin on the second day of term wednesday 7 th september 2011 lists of participants will be posted on the hobbies board my son/daughter class (name) Arts studio tara copus 16:15 - 17:00gardening club (1st half term) y4 - y8 science lab members claire delo 15:30... y4 games field invitationashley david-ward...

Y3/y4 long term planning

Y3/y4 long term planning from 2007-8 y3/y4 long term planning Y3/y4 long term planning from 2007-8 y3/y4 long term planning.... exploring singing games pe games from dcc units gymnastics games skills...

Y3/y4 long term planning from jan 2011

Y3/y4 long term planning from jan 2011 first year of cycle second year of cycle autumn term spring term summer term autumn term spring term... up and away swimming games...

Shape problems 1

Sally walks round the playground. she walks 364m in total. what is the width of the playground? 3. emma uses a piece of string to measure the distance around a regular pentagon. the distance is 85cm, how long is each side? 4. a rectangular picture frame is three times as long as it is wide. if it is 28cm wide, what is the distance all the way round... Shape problems 1 1. a man has a square garden. each side is 12m long. how far is it around the edge of the garden? 2. the school playing field is a rectangle 120m long.

Curriculum area

Curriculum area autumn term 1 autumn term 2 spring 1 spring 2 summer 1 summer 2 science unit 3d rocks and soil unit 4d solids, liquids and gases unit 4e friction unit 3e magnets and springs unit 3a teeth and eating unit 4a moving and growing i.c.t. data handling yr 4 internet worldwide web yr 3 creating pictures yr 4 data logging yr 4 word... games year 4 unit 1: net/wall games dance year 4 unit 1: these shoes are made for walking, giraffes can't dance, incognito games year 4 unit 2:...

Make your child a maths sta r! aparents' guide to helpin g your ...

Make your child a maths star! a parents' guide to helping your children with maths booklet 2 of 3: key stage 2 year 3 to year 4 "it wasn't like this when i was at school!" have you ever wished that you understood current maths methods better? many parents find that their children are using methods... ... resources http://www.topmarks.co.uk / coolmath4kids (us site) http://www.coolmath4kids. com/ primary games (evaluation versions but playable)...

Danes hill school weekly newsletter

D anes h ill s chool weekly newsletter edition n° 524 friday 16 september 2011 copy deadline: tuesday 4.30pm editor: norma-chapman[`at`]btconn ect.com bevendean newsyear 1 children will be visiting the lookout discovery centre on tuesday, 20 september. please will all parents make sure they have returned the pink... Minibuses will leave at 1.45 pm. details will be on the team sheets, which were published after y4 games yesterday. thursday 22 september:...

Usingand applying mathematics

Framework review 1 | framework review © crown copyright 2006 code price aa 75p bb £1.15 cc £1.55 dd £1.70 ee £1.99 may june july walking 25 80 75 sailing 15 42 50 climbing 18 27 23 year4 usingand applying mathematics • solve one-step and two-step problems involving numbers, money or measures, including y4 optionaltest2003 mentaltest level3 add togetherfourteen,twenty-t hree andforty-one. anapplecosts eighteenpence,and anorange costsnineteenpence. howmuchare they

Mental maths test

3. 4 plus 4. 4. half of 10. 5. 6 times 2. 6. which is more: 7 or 8? 7. 6 ÷ 2. 8. write fourteen in figures. for the next group of questions, you will have 5 seconds to work out each answer and write it down. 9. add together seven, three & sixteen. 10. write the number that is 7 less than 100. 11. what is 749 to the nearest hundred? 12. what is... Mental maths test for the first group of questions, you will have 4 seconds to work out each answer and write it down. 1. add 3 and 5. 2. 7 take away 2.

Lesson plan

Mep : feeder primary demonstration project© cimt, university of exeter activity notes y4 lesson plan 141 week 29 4 pby4b, page 141 q.1 read: i) colour the shapes which are symmetrical and draw the lines of symmetry. ii) write the perimeter length (in grid units) below each shape. elicit what 'symmetrical' and 'line of symmetry' mean.(if you... ... revision and practice: geometry e: geometric games.... university of exeter activity notes y4 lesson plan 141 week 29 4 pby4b, page 141 q.1 read: i)...

504 spelling bank

Introduction this booklet contains lists of words and ideas to help in the teaching of the key stage 2 spelling objectives set out in the national literacy strategy framework for teaching. they are drawn from the word level strand, predominantly from the section entitled 'spelling rules and conventions', but with a few from the 'vocabulary... Group tasks ◆play word-match games - match verb card to its adjective or noun. ◆play make a verb game - invent new verbs from nouns/adjectives...

Oral and mental starters

... followed by more later this year. we have tried to include examples of open questions and modelling good use of ict within this pack. responding to the many needs of differing learning styles has also been considered wherever possible, including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic input. each activity is given in its simplest form, with... Welcome to another publication from the essex mathematics team, based at harlow curriculum development centre. we have for you the next 25 oral and mental...

Australia day

Australia day australia day, celebrated on 26 january, is the biggest day of celebration in the nation. across the states and territories australia day is observed as a public holiday. extension activities australian flag revisit the australian national flag day unit that appeared in issue 4, september 2006, page 6 (this unit can also be... How many gold medals did australians win at the 2002 winter olympic games? 9. of our australian male swimmers, who has won the most olympic gold medals? 10.

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