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Y1 maths PDF results

Year 1 - maths targets for pupils

Cupboard maths cupboard maths cupboard maths cupboard maths • choose two tins or packets... 9 8 6 2 7 y1 track games track games track games track...

Discusses their work explaining reasoning, patterns

maths: at 1 using and applying mathematics teachers should expect attainment at a given level in this attainment target to be demonstrated through activities in...

Beaded number line - 100

maths_y1_spr_ts1-01.indd. copyright © hamilton trust who give permission for this to be copied for teaching purposes within one class only.

National numeracy strategy medium term plan: autumn term

National numeracy strategy medium term plan: autumn term year r/1 every day: practise and develop oral and mental skills (e.g. counting, mental strategies, rapid...

Usingand applying mathematics

Framework review 3 framework review © crown copyright 2006 numberof scooterssold december 57 january 30 february 23 march 45 april 52 may 39 •...

2, and the maths teaching of the future

The long-term effects from the use of came (cognitive acceleration in mathematics education ), some effects from the use of the same principles in y1&2, and the maths...

Moving forward

... and use captions e.g. labels on equipment y1 t1 16 write and draw simple instructions y1 t2 22 write labels for drawings and diagrams maths objectives www.qca.org.uk/schemes y1...

Wigan lea numeracy centre

Wigan lea numeracy centre year1 block 1 assessment key objectives assessed part 1 part 2 count reliably at least 20 objects 3,4 count on/back in 1's from any...

Year 2 summer term oral and mental starter activity bank

2. counting stick jumps what to do: label a counting stick with multiples of 5 from 0 - 50. using a finger puppet, point to numbers to encourage children to count...

Block a: counting, partitioning and calculating

Mult-e-maths and the renewed primary framework for mathematics planning cd-rom: year 1 block a unit 1 year 1 block a: counting, partitioning and...

Mental maths test - year 1/autumn term 13

Year 1/autumn term mental maths test instructions this test has ten questions in total.... y1 maths assessment author: clive sutherland created date: 10/7/2007...

Attainment targets and level descriptions for mathematics

maths ks1 maths ks1... level 1 pupils sort and classify objects and talk about the criterion they have used.

Yr 1 assessment cards

Microsoft word - y1_ass_cards.doc... • stand two friends next to each other. who is shorter? • which is lighter, your maths...

Real-life problems involving measures

Real-life problems involving measures 1. anne has to travel a distance of 20km. she travels 15km on a train and 3.5km on a bus. she walks the rest of the way.

Wigan lea y1 block 2 assessment part 1

Wigan lea y1 block 2 assessment part 1. wigan lea y1 block 2 assessment part 1 answers and suggested mark scheme question...

maths vocab y1 blockd

Www.communication4all.co. uk holds more holds the most how many...? how much...?

Links to the primary mathematics framework song resource pack 1

... days in the months of the year fs 6 measuring use everyday language related to time; measure short periods of time 1 31 days in january time - days in the months of the year y1...

Making maths magic - wave 2 maths intervention for ks1

a wave 2 maths intervention programme to support pupils in ks1 - an intervention programme focusing on y1 key objectives, counting and speaking and listening

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