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Worksheets on gerunds PDF results

The gerund phrase

Driving a car takes concentration. (the gerund phrase is the subject of the verb takes ). paul finished painting the ceiling. (the gerund phrase is the direct object of finished). after hiking for two hours, we sat down to rest. (the gerund phrase is the object of the preposition after. identifying gerund phrases : underline... The gerund phrase the gerund phrase consists of the gerund, which always ends in -ing, and its modifiers and complements. the gerund phrase is always...

gerunds and infinitives

227 12.1 preposition combinations 1. concentration materials: board and chalk or markers dynamic: groups time: 20 minutes procedure: 1. draw a blank grid on the board with just the numbers in the spaces. prepare a concentration grid with all words filled in for your use. below is a possible example. some prepositions will have to be repeated. 2. Examples materials: worksheets 74a and b dynamic: pairs time: 30 minutes procedure: 1.... they must use verbs followed by infinitives or gerunds whenever...

Grammar worksheets: misplaced and dangling participles http://www ...

Here is the answer: gerund: a verb form used as a noun. it ends in ing - always. participle: a verb form used as an adjective. it usually ends in ing, en, or ed. however, a gerund and a participle may look exactly the same, like so: gerund: laughing makes me cry sometimes. participle: laughing, julio stumbled out of the bar. gerunds take care... Grammar worksheets: misplaced and dangling participles http://www.grammar-worksheets... rarely do students write confusing sentences using gerunds...


Participles. worksheet: participles and gerunds participles with sum, esse source item form ident.

Common verbs followed by gerunds

English language support | department of student services | ryerson university source: azar, b. (1999). understanding and using english grammar (3 rd ed.). longman press gerunds common verbs followed by gerunds a. i enjoy playing tennis. gerunds are used as the objects of certain... Longman press gerunds common verbs followed by gerunds a. i enjoy playing tennis. gerunds are used as the objects of certain verbs. in (a), enjoy is followed...

Lesson 22 the verbal noun: gerund

Latin for reading lesson content worksheet - lesson 22 1 lesson 22 the verbal noun: gerund what are the two types of verbal nouns? give an example of each type of verbal noun in an english expression. how do latin gerunds differ in function from english gerunds? basic sentences: from each basic sentence, copy the latin gerunds and their english How do latin gerunds differ in function from english gerunds? basic sentences: from each basic sentence, copy the latin gerunds and their english equivalents.

Grammar / gerunds and infinitives

Nstructions for the teacher this exercise is a supplement to the exercises of in charge 1, unit 4, pages 46 to 49. 1. distribute a copy of the student worksheet to your students. explain to them that they will read a list of pointers for mediators on how to listen when mediating a conflict. discuss with students the possible job duties of a... gerunds as the subject gerunds as the object of verbs gerunds as the objects of prepositions infinitives following verbs infinitives following it's

Name gerunds and gerund phrases

... exercise is swimming. (predicate nominative) she was scolded for swimming. (object of a preposition) a gerund phrase consists of a gerund and related words. example: swimming in the lake is good exercise. underline the gerund or gerund phrase in each sentence. 1. although he is famous today, rudolph nureyev's birth on a train in russia... gerunds and gerund phrases a gerund is a "verb + ing " used as a noun. examples: swimming is good exercise. (subject) the girls enjoy swimming. (direct object)...

The infinitive phrase

Ex. tim wants to be a lawyer. (the infinitive phrase is the object of wants.) to win at chess requires much concentration. (the infinitive phrase is the subject.) mary was glad to be invited to the party. (the infinitive phrase modifies the adjective glad.) identifying infinitive phrases. underline the infinitive phrase... The infinitive phrase the infinitive phrase begins with the word to. the phrase consists of to, the infinitive (always a verb), its complements, and its modifiers.

gerunds, infinitives, and participles

The -ed form of a regular verb is its past participle; irregular verbs form their past participles in various ways (for example, bend, bent; eat, eaten; think, thought -for a complete list, see box 8-4 in section 8d). participles can function as adjectives( a smiling face, a closed book ). a verb's -ing form can also function as a noun( 514 43a gerunds, infinitives, and participles chapter 43 gerunds, infinitives, and participles p articiples are verb forms (see 8b). a verb's -ing form...

Verb + gerund verb + preposition + gerund

Copyright ©macmillan publishers limited 2006. inspiration 3 worksheet 1 1 read the two film reviews and underline all the examples of verb + gerund or verb + preposition + gerund. the first two have been done as examples. dance for life a young girl loves dancingand she dreams of beinga famous dancer. she keeps entering competitions but she... Verb + gerund verb + preposition + gerund this page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com/ inspiration it is photocopiable, but all copies must be...


Requirements: cut out the game resources below. cut out the balls or players and use as markers how to play: 1. the two teams or players would toss a coin to decide who starts first, or do rocks, paper and scissors. the winner starts combining a cue word and a key word to make sentences. for example regret + inform i regret to inform you that... Talking football skills to practice: practice gerunds and infinitives in a communicative board game. class levels: adaptable for all levels of students and...

5202 grammar (übung; ects 3)

... anglistik. uni-gies sen.de www. uni-gies sen. de/~ga 1047 verbals: gerunds a verbal is a verb form that is used not as a verb but as another part of speech. there are three kinds of verbals:-participles (which act as adjectives)-gerunds (which... Homework for 27/28 january - gerunds page 1 of 2 5202 grammar (übung; ects 3) winter semester 2003-04 tuesdays 16-18 in a3 wednesdays...

Chapter 13: gerunds and infinitives

... new vocabulary in the context of the grammar covered in the tables of contents of the azar textbooks or any comparable syllabus. an answer key and word list for target vocabulary are provided for each chapter. you may download, reproduce and... Vocabulary worksheets by rachel spack koch intermediate level azar grammar series: fundamentals of english grammar, 3rd edition vocabulary worksheets...

Chapter 25: infinitives worksheet r. a. lafleur

... own accusative subject, "he ordered them to come"), complement (with the same subject as the main ver b, "you ar e able to wr ite well" ). another very common infinitive c onstr uction is that of in direct statement (sometime s called " indir ect d iscour se" ), explained on the rever se. 2. recognition (forms) + translation:... Chapter 25: infinitives worksheet r. a. lafleur (rev. february 1, 2006) 1. definition: a verbal noun; can be used as subject ("to err is human"), object...

The gerund and the gerund phrase

The present participle forms end in - ing and can function as gerunds, participles, or verbs. if the - ing word is used as a noun, it is a gerund.

gerunds and infinitives some important rules

... gerunds may be used as the subject of a sentence: running regularly will make you feel better. studying requires most of my time during the day. the -ing form can also be called a present participle; however, the function is that of a verb when gerunds and infinitives some important rules the form of the verb that ends in -ing is called a gerund when used as a noun. because their function is that of a noun...

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