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Winchester 231 powder in stock PDF results

. 338 winchester magnum inchester magnum . 338 w

suggested bullet use 175-grain xfb s.d..218 b.c..392.338 winchester magnum suggested bullet use 185-grain xbt s.d..231 b.c..437.338 w inchester magnum

Burn rates of common powders - castpic

r-1, norma 88 r-23, norma 175 reloder 11, hercules 2 nitro 100, accurate 89 solo 1500, scot 176 reloder 12, alliant 3 n310, vihtavuori 90 true blue, ramshot 177...

20 gauge, low pressure recipes - nssa-nsca

Wad: remington rxp20 shot: 7/8 oz. lead 1,200 fps {+et+} 10,400 psi i, too, went through a 20 gauge low pressure binge quite a few years ago and found the following load...

.40 s&w ipsc loading data - maass' resources

.40 s&w ipsc loads list compiled by: jeff maass, uspsa l-1192 updated: 24 october 2003 who bullet powder oal vel pf note(s) norm bolser 168gr...

Lead wads - dawson ent

Please realize that we are a wholesale company for reloading components but not a mail order company. these are retail prices for pickup at our location.

Caution auto-disk ad2302 powder measure - ...

Complete instructions the lee auto-disk powder measure automatically dispenses an exact charge that is more uniform than any other powder measure.

1. id'd new haven volcanic lever-action ...

22. under hammer percussion pistol. very similar to the ethan allen 2nd model pocket rifle. octagonal to round.38 caliber 3" barrel marked "cast steel

Load guide for rifle and handgun - accurate ...

edition 3.5 warnings disclaimer powder warnings component warnings quality control po box 158 • top of yellowstone hill miles city...

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