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Watchtower publications PDF results

A beginner'sguide to witnessing to the jehovah'switnesses

Cri, p.o. box 8500, charlotte, nc 28271 phone (704) 887-8200 and fax (704) 887-8299 1 statementdj501 a beginner'sguide to witnessing to the jehovah'switnesses jehovah'switnessescometo your door with one main objective: to place literature from the watchtower society in your hands so they can come back and discuss it with you. are you ready? after... ... your jw visitors will try to determine your religious background so they can decide which watchtower publications to give you. although they'dratheryou...

Jehovah's witnesses bibliography

Jehovah's witnesses bibliography robert m. bowman jr. no attempt is made here to be exhaustive. rather, this bibliography lists the most significant publications and other resources, pro and con, pertaining to jehovah's witnesses (jws), with annotations. i have avoided listing popular works that recycle earlier materials. i. general works works... Rather, this bibliography lists the most significant publications and other resources, pro and con, pertaining to jehovah's witnesses... watchtower publications 1.

Is it the watchtower?

dedication when i originally wrote this story in 1966, my mother was a real source of encouragement and inspiration. she knew many of the people about whom this story is written and counted them among her dearest friends. she loved god and was happy to be numbered among those who "keep the commandments of god, and the faith of jesus. " tragically... I can't bring to mind any dates in watchtower publications that have proved false. some teachings have been altered down through the years, but not many.

Presiding overseer

April 24, 2008 brother presiding overseer congregation of jehovah's witnesses 151 n blvd, ms dear brother : i would like to offer an explanation regarding the decisions that i have made about my future as one of jehovah's witnesses. let me begin by assuring you that i have no animosity... Let me begin by assuring you that i have no animosity towards you or towards anyone in the watchtower... to make an examination of older publications...

What do mormons and jehovah's witnesses believe... about jesus ...

What do mormons & jehovah's witnesses believe...? page 1 what do mormons and jehovah's witnesses believe... about jesus, salvation and the bible? dr. john ankerberg's guests include: bill & joan cetnar ed decker jean eason dr. walter martin lorri macgregor ken & debbie oakley helen ortega sandra tanner transcripts of a series of programs produced... ... bible. but if you read the watchtower publications you will know about god. ankerberg:...


... they are of yahuah or ba'al. scriptures tells us the following: deut. 18:22, "when the prophet speaks in the name of yahuah and the word is not, or comes not, that is the word which yahuah has not spoken. the prophet has spoken it The answer can be found in a few excerpts, gleaned from their own publications! let us keep in mind that whenever someone claims to be a prophet(ess) there is one...

Examining "should you believe in the trinity" (a publication of ...

examining "should you believe in the trinity"(a publication of the watchtower society) by lorri macgregor in 1989, jehovah's witnesses received a publication designed to destroy the christian belief in the trinity, the belief that the one, true, almighty god of the bible has revealed himself in three persons, the father, the son, and the holy... Shame on the watchtower society for trying to mislead its readers by quoting an obscure publication... but is constantly found in their publications and in their...

Questions about jesus for jehovah's witnesses

Do you believe that god sent his son to ransom the human race? (john 3: 16)"as mankind's source of salvation jehovah god provided for the perfect man, whose life could ransom the human race, by transferring the life force of his chief angelic son in... Jesus v. michael ***** by witness inc. * questions about jesus for jehovah's witnesses (all quotes from watchtower publications) 1.

When was ancient jerusalem destroyed?"

When was ancient jerusalem destroyed?" a critique of the two-part article published in the public editions of the watchtower of october 1, 2011, part one, pages 26-31 and the watchtower of november 1, 2011, part two, pages 22-28. part one© carl olof jonsson, göteborg, sweden, 2011 contents an introductory background overview … The appendix in "let your kingdom come" has been the only official defense of the society‟s chronology published in the watchtower publications since 1981.

Biography of tom cabeen

Biography of tom cabeen my parents were baptized as jehovah's witnesses in the spring of 1954, shortly after my fourth birthday. my father, a old-fashioned cattle rancher and cowboy, had grown up mostly without church of any kind. my mother had been a nominal methodist, but did not attend church very regularly. they were attracted to the... They were attracted to the watchtower version of christianity and... as the main thrust of the watchtower publications for months was warnings against and...

My watchtower journey

Cal lehman towerwatch ministries now serving the lord and not an organization my watchtower journey i was reared in a christian household, my mother made sure i got to sunday school every week from an age earlier than i can remember. i was active in cub scouts, boy scouts, sang in the church choir, played on the church basketball team. i... Soon i completed the two required watchtower publications and in 1964 i officially became a jehovah' s witness.

Examining the watchtower publication "

... watchtower publication " should you should you should you should you should you believe in the trinity? believe in the trinity? believe in the trinity? believe in the trinity? believe in the trinity? " part two" part two" part two" part two" part two by lorri macgregor in part one we examined methods used by the watchtower society to attack... examining the watchtower publication "examining the watchtower publication "examining the watchtower publication "examining the watchtower publication...

Prophecies of the watchtower society of jehovah's witnesses

Prophecies of the watchtower society of jehovah's witnesses lorri macgregor(note to reader: reference numbers refer to a documentation package index (including photocopies of the actual articles quoted). it is available from macgregor ministries for$3 plus postage. please see their address and web site information at the end of this article.) Prophecies of the watchtower society of jehovah's witnesses lorri macgregor (note to reader:... the watchtower publications taught this...

08 jehovahs witnesses new world translation

Ankerberg theological research institute page 1 the new world translation of the jehovah's witnesses by dr. john ankerberg and dr. john weldon the jehovah's witnesses constitute a large and aggressive sect which has opposed the doctrines of biblical christianity from its inception. many fine works have already detailed the history and... watchtower publications repeatedly present doctrines and interpretations of the scriptures which completely misunderstand or ignore grammar.

Jehovah's witnesses (the watchtower bible and tract society of ...

History, beliefs, and practices identity: a religious organization founded by charles taze russell in 1870 in response to disagreement with certain adventist teachings. jehovah's witnesses, claiming to have restored teachings lost through the apostasy in christendom, believe they are the only watchtower publications; 2) obey the laws of god and the laws of the watchtower society; 3) be baptized into the watchtower organization; and 4)...

They waited for the messiah

... developments from afar, so this magazine shows us the significance of world events in the light of bible prophecies. it comforts people with the good news that god'skingdom, which is areal government in heaven, will soon bring an end to all wickedness and transform the earth intoa paradise. it promotes faith in jesus christ, who died so that... The purpose of this magazine, the watchtower, is to honor jehovah god, the supreme ruler of the universe. just as watchtowers in ancient times enabled...

Using a detective columbo approach when talking to cult members

2004 version copyright © 2004 ron rhodes & meekness and truth™ ministries, inc. all rights reserved. these materials may be used for christian ministry purposes only. added). based on this verse, the jehovah's witness will say that jehovah (the father) is the one true god. next, point out that according to john 1:1 in the new world translation... Without the watchtower society and its vast literature... jehovah's witnesses are reminded of this over and over again in watchtower publications.

Jehovah's witnesses & blood transfusions

Jehovah's witnesses & blood transfusions does jehovah god forbid blood transfusions? it is common knowledge in the medical profession, most hospitals, and even legal services, that jehovah's witnesses forbid their members to receive blood transfusions. they are not permitted to store up their own blood for a surgery nor receive any other type of... In their watchtower publications entitled, aid to bible understanding, pg. 244; jehovah's witnesses and the question of blood, pg. 9;...

Strongholds of satan

A biblical critique of false faiths and confusing cults strongholds of satan: a biblical critique of false faiths and confusing cults david legge 2 david legge is a christian evangelist, preacher and bible teacher. he served as assistant pastor at portadown baptist church before receiving a call to the pastorate... Now that is why they devote 85% of their personal study time to watchtower publications - not the word of god!

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