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Verb worksheets PDF results

Action verbs

Name: side 1 action verbs an action verb is a word that show what someone or something is doing. examples: mary sleeps on the...

Irregular past participle verbs directions: choose the past ...

Name: irregular past participle verbs directions: choose the past participle of the verb for each sentence and write it on the line.

Irregular verb worksheet

Skill - irregular verbs name: language - verbs ©www.havefunteaching.com irregular verbs irregular verbs are verbs...

Recognizing verbs worksheet

Title: recognizing verbs worksheet author: worksheet universe subject: first grade worksheet about verbs keywords: verbs; first grade worksheet; grammar;...


Grammar worksheets: using strong verbs http://www.grammar-worksheets.com this worksheet confronts a writing problem that may go undetected. although...

Recognizing verbs - the horse pulls the wagon. the dog caught the ...

Title: recognizing verbs worksheet number 2 author: worksheet universe subject: underline the verbs in a sentence keywords: verbs; first grade worksheet;...

The verb lie

This worksheet attempts to clarify the difference. both lie and lay are verbs, meaning that they indicate an action of some sort. however, the verb lie and the verb lay...

worksheet 2 - -ar verbs in the preterite

Marcar - to mark, to score, to dial : llegar - to arrive : jugar - to play. empezar - to begin : yo ellos lleg tú jug _ nosotros empez

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