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Used anchor chain PDF results

Stud link chain.vp

Marine industry chain&fittings head office: unit 1,9663-199astreet langley bcv1m 2x7 phone: 6048813000 fax: 6048813010 email: info{~et~}wescovan.com rigging centre: 2437 beta avenue burnaby bcv5c 5n1 phone: 6042921220 fax: 6042921222 email: burnaby{~et~}wescovan.com industriesltd. www.wescovan.com industries ltd. specifications subject to change... used to join chain to chain. anchor joining link anchor links consist of three pieces which are coupled together, and then secured by a taper p in and lead pellet.

Ground tackle - chapter 21

Chapter 21 ground tackle ground tackle consists of all the equipment used in anchoring. this includes the anchors, anchor cables or chain, connecting devices, and the anchor windlass. this chapter discusses these items and their nomenclature... 21-1 chapter 21 ground tackle ground tackle consists of all the equipment used in anchoring. this includes the anchors, anchor cables or chain, connecting...

chain locker effluent discharge summary

chain locker effluent discharge summary uniform national discharge standards description of discharge how is this discharge generated? this discharge consists of accumulated precipitation and seawater that is occasionally emptied from the compartment used to store the vessel's anchor chain. the chain locker is a compartment used to store anchor... This discharge consists of accumulated precipitation and seawater that is occasionally emptied from the compartment used to store the vessel's anchor chain.

(ii-1-4) section 2 chain cables and accessories

Manufacture and testing of stud link chain cables and accessories for ships. where short-linked studless chain cables are used in exceptional cases with gl's approval, they shall comply with a recognized standard. for connecting components fixed to the anchor section 1 is applicable. 1.2 chain cable grades Section 2 chain cables and accessories a. anchor chain cables and accessories 1. general rules 1.1 scope these rules are applicable to the materials, design,

Ch1 - watches

Chapter 4 deck seamanship in general, rigging is a large part of deck sea- manship. the ship's standing rigging consists of lines, wires, turnbuckles, and other gear supporting and attached to the stacks, the masts, and the topside structure. running rigging includes the rigging used in hoisting and lowering heavy weights or in positioning and... A cable jack (fig. 4-8), consisting of a lever mounted on an axle and two wheels, is used to handle anchor chain of 2 3/4 inches, or larger, in size.

Ch 1 - magazines and magazine sprinkler systems

Chapter 7 anchoring, mooring, and towing upon completing this chapter, you should be able to do the following: 1. describe and identify anchors and their related appendages. 2. describe the standard methods for anchoring and mooring ships. 3. describe the procedures for rigging and unrigging for towing a ship and for being towed. state the basic... A cable jack (fig. 7-9), consisting of a lever mounted on an axle and two wheels, is used to handle anchor chain in sizes 2 3/4 inches and above.

Windlasses, capstans and accessories

There are a number of important criteria to be considered in selecting the correct anchor winch. these include the vessel size, displacement, windage, anchor size and rode selection. practicalities such as locker space and depth of fall for the rode also play a part in deciding which windlass is ideal for you. maxwell marine's range of... Long or regular link chain should not be used with anchor windlasses. there are a wide variety of both metric (mm) and imperial (inches)...

Part 41 - anchors and chain cables

Part 41 - anchors and chain cables disclaimer this document is the current consolidated version of maritime rules part 41 produced by maritime new zealand, and serves as a reference only. it has been compiled from the official rules that have been signed into law by the minister of transport. copies of the official rule and amendments as signed by... ... cable for the issue of a certificate of test must ensure that any testing establishment or laboratory in new zealand used for testing the anchor or chain...

Features and benefits

... windlass while laying at anchor. the chain stopper and alternative snubbing system should also be used to secure the anchor in the fully raised position while under way. features and benefits• now incorporating maxwell's automatic free-fall technology. simply activate the windlass 'free fall' lever, operate your down control (helm station... 20 www.maxwellmarine.com important: maxwell windlasses must be used in conjunction with a chain stopper and/ or alternative snubbing device to take the...

Ch1 - watches

15 feet 2. 15 fathoms 3. 15 yards 4. 15 meters what devices are used to join standard shots of anchor chain together? 1. bending shackles 2. connecting...

Of anchor "twister" with anchor "chain"

Guglielmi detachable coils (gdcb) are used as part of a system indicated for endovascular occlusion in patients with high surgical risk intracranial aneurysms and other neurovascular abnormalities. the gdc system consists of the following items, each of which is sold separately gdc power supply gdc synerg tm occlusion coil attached to a delivery... Special 51o(k): modification to boston scientific target's gdc[_et_] stretch resistant detachable coils: replacement of anchor "twister" with anchor "chain" device...

anchor windlass

Last printed 30/11/00 17:12 3000 installation manual abcd 3 b2314 issue 3 important - read this before installing and operating your windlass please ensure that you thoroughly understand the operation and safety requirements of the windlass before commencing the installation. only persons who are completely familiar with the controls and proper use... Note to permanently sustain a load on the anchor rode, a chain stopper must be used.

Ship parts

19th-century ship parts diving in the great lakes typically involves wrecks of 1800's sailing vessels. they are a beauty to behold, but they can also be confusing. they frequently contain parts and equipment that are no longer seen on modern ships, and many divers are not sure what they are looking at. presented here are some descriptions of... chain locker - the compartment below deck where the anchor chain was... a small square hole in the middle of the bow's deck was used to run the chain into...

anchor chain snubber

Prepare the anchor for sea condition assuring you peace of mind. this fitting is not designed to take the strain of the rode of a boat at anchor. overall length is 12", the threaded hook has 1½" of adjustment for ease of installation. anchor chain tensioners / snubbers single-hook style claw-hook style"captain hook" chain snubber our "captain... Accessories | anchor chain stoppers this fitting will securely tension and hold the anchor in the bow roller channel. this unit will free up use of the bow cleat and...

Chapter 9 anchoring and mooring equipment

Rules and regulations for the construction and classification of high speed crafts and light crafts page 1 of 6 indian register of shipping chapter 9 anchoring and mooring equipment contents section 1 general 2 structural arrangements for anchoring equipment 3 equipment specification 4 anchors 5 anchor chain cables 6 towlines and mooring lines 7 Section 5 anchor chain cables 5.1 general 5.1.1 anchor chain cables are to be as required by table 3.2.1. for en < 50...

Free fall rope and chain windlass

Free fall rope and chain windlass please read and save these instructions. read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described. protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or property damage! retain instructions Shackles should not be used to secure rope to chain.... the boat's motor must be used to move boat toward anchor point. never use windlass to break anchor free.

Standard for certification no. 2.9, tap 311 anchor chain cables ...

Dnv undertakes classification, certification, and other verification and consultancy services relating to quality of ships, offshore units and installations, and onshore industries worldwide, and carries out research in relation to these functions. standards for certification standards for certification (previously certification notes) are... Foreword det norske veritas (dnv) is an autonomous and independent foundation with the objectives of safeguarding life, property and the environment, at...

anchors / mooring

anchors / mooring anchors/ mooring tie down hooker quick-set anchors an inexpensive fluke-type anchor for canoes, kayaks, or aluminum skiffs anchoring in noncritical situations. slip-ring design permits easy retrieval. hot-dip galvanized anchor anchor stock fluke boat model length length length length 95006 14" 12" 9" 10-15' 95011 17" 13" anchor chain should always be used with steel fluke anchors, to provide weight necessary to maintain the proper approach angle for setting.

Hanging - off an anchor

To remove the anchor out of the hawse pipe and enable the vessel to be moored to a buoy or towed using the anchor chain through the hawse pipe. materials required for a 10 tonne anchor: 1. 3 nos of 30 mm wire (swl 6.0 tonnes) - for 1 st easing wire preventer wire 2. shackles with swl of 6 tonnes 3. Slack on the anchor chain until the preventer becomes taut and the 1 st easing wire is up and down and the anchor is under the shoulder. 7.

Anchoring technology

A white paper produced by yale cordage september 2005 anchoring technology new anchorline production technology yields significant benefits for anchorline strength, dynamic performance under load, handling qualities, and ease of stowage. 77 industrial park road, saco, maine 04072 tel: (207) 282-3396, fax: (207) 282-4620 www.yalecordage. com Sailing vessels well into the 19th century used this type of anchor... destructive loads to the boat and anchor. and because of its weight, chain is difficult...

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