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Ubuntu packages download PDF results

ubuntu 10.04 lts installation guide - linbrary - linux library for ...

This material may only be distributed subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the creative commons sharealike 3.0 license (cc-by-sa), (the latest version is...

Netapp data ontap simulator cookbook 1 1 docx

Version 1.1 hernán j. larrea netapp data ontap simulator cookbook how to build your own virtual, all functional storage simulator, with ubuntu...

Klocwork installation and upgrade - source code analysis tools ...

Contents articles before you install 1 about the klocwork packages and components 1 system requirements 2 upgrading from a previous version 12 upgrading from a...

Using vmware view client for linux - view client for linux

Using vmware view client for linux december 2012 view client for linux this document supports the version of each product listed and supports all subsequent versions...

Nagios - installing nagios core from source

The industry standard in it infrastructure monitoring purpose this document describes how install nagios core and nagios plugins from source on centos and ubuntu servers.

Build & deploy desktop personal cloud using eyeos cloud ...

Global open versity, cloud computing labs install guide eyeos 2 cloud computing os on linux v.1.0 1 april 2007, kefa rabah, global open versity, vancouver canada

Asterisk quickstart guide - homepage | asteris

Copyright ©2012 digium, the asterisk company 1 asterisk quick start guide what is asterisk? asterisk is an open source framework for building communications...


Dynare reference manual, version 4.3.2 st´ephane adjemian houtan bastani fr´ed´eric karam´e michel juillard junior maih ferhat mihoubi george perendia

Titanium mobile: how-to

Titanium mobile: how-to getting started with appcelerator titanium august 17, 2010 release gsm for mac

Object pascal - wordpres

Aug 30, 2012 · start programming using object pascal free pascal/lazarus book written by: motaz abdel azeem edited by: pat anderson, jason hackney code.sd...

Nexpose 5.5 installation and quick-start guide

Nexpose 5.5 software installation and quick-start guide 3 revision history revision date description november 11, 2009 verified, tested, and updated installation...

Android mobile - develope

the android mobile development platform: a reference guide. 6. top 10 features for developers in android 2.2. 9. building your first php for android application

A gentle introduction to gis

A gentle introduction to gis brought to you with quantum gis, a free and open source software gis application for everyone. t. sutton, o. dassau, m. sutton

For wireshark 1

Wireshark user's guide for wireshark 1.9 ulf lamping, richard sharpe, ns computer software and services p/l ed warnicke,

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