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Ul code search PDF results

ul code correlation database

Products that correspond with that code ul code correlation database 2 countering apathy 4 aboveground flammable liquid tanks... define your search parameters

A quick guide to ul's online certification directory

search the ul online certification directory using: to begin... search by category code /guide information: to search for keywords in either the guide

Verifying ul listing - global surge protector supplier

N us state code code ovine with spec i rte gemcm:s select a services search code correlation database, start a -wet. sxeti-: are e. to ul.com -

How to look up ul numbers book mark this page http ...

ul code correlation database ul alarm services search links of interest io familv of databases... coovrictht 2010 underwriters laboratories inc. title: slide 1

A quick guide to ul's online certification directory

search by category code /guide information:... this search results in the ul guide information for one or more categories. choose the correct category by clicking

Usg fire-resistant assemblies catalog - sa100

Which is updated yearly and can be referenced at the underwriters laboratories website at ul.com. for additional information on usg fire-rated assemblies...

ul question corner how to use the ul white book

ul question corner i know you can use only one conductor per terminal... discussed above in the category code search field and click on search. the

Design no. u350 bxuv.u350 fire-resistance ratings - ansi ...

When the ul leaf mark is on the product, or when the word "environment" is included in the ul mark, please search the ul environment database

Electrical circuit protective systems (fhit) new guide ...

Www.ul.com and entering the four-letter category code at the ul category code/ guide information search. the national electrical code (nec) references listed systems.

How to find a listed surge protective device suitable for ...

How to find a listed surge protective device suitable for electrical service entrance on lightning protection applications go to www.ul.com from main web page, select

Frequently asked questions about fire rated cables ® ®

The ul category code/guide information search.... underwriters laboratories inc. • 333 pfingston road • northbrook, illinois 60062-2096 u.s.a.

Hospital signaling and nurse call equipment

underwriters laboratories inc. (ul) 333 pfingsten road northbrook, il 60062-2096 ul standard for safety for hospital signaling and nurse call equipment, ul 1069

ul 2054

underwriters laboratories inc. (ul) 333... • delete the requirement for 20 year repetition of date code marking from the... conducting a word search...

Design no. u348 bxuv.u348 fire-resistance ratings - ansi ...

Brick - (optional - not shown)- brick veneer, meeting the requirements of local code agencies. brick veneer attached... please search the ul environment database

Part 1 - general

underwriters laboratories. ul 1283 electromagnetic interference filters….. category code search box and click search.) 1.5. quality assurance.

Everglow code approved exit signs - listed to ul924 by ...

Directory search: http... everglow code approved exit signs... building code, fire code, replace electrical exit signs, replace tritium exit signs, ul...

ul | div. 2 hazloc motor requirements - dietz electric company

Go directly to a ul service: global locations search div. 2 hazloc motor... ul subject 1836. traditionally, code authorities have not required that electric motors...

ul 508a industrial control panels power distribution and ...

Four to five digit alphanumeric code identifies product categories in ul's listed product and... ul's website (www.ul.com) can search by a wide variety

A guide to fire resistant assemblies - conspectus inc.

code. because the code controls fire resistance ratings, the documents must show how the... the search try ul's. ultimate fire wizard that helps narrow your

Plenum-rated products - seeing the smoke before the fire t

Information, the ul category code, ul fi le listing number, or using keywords. the... this fi le number into the ul file number box on the search window.

The texas workforce commission work search log

The texas workforce commission work search log name: week of: to social security #: - number of required searches:

code approval guide - build site

This code approval guide addresses both general information pertaining to underwriters laboratories (ul) and fm approvals (fm) test criteria as well as specific ul...

Office of fire prevention and control information ...

The "category code/model code database" is a powerful search engine that links code sections to ul product categories. to view this new database, visit:

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