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Trisomy 13 syndrome notation PDF results

Chapter 8: chromosomes and chromosomal anomalies

© 1998, gregory carey10/4/00 chapter 9 - chromosomes - 4 chromosome. for example, 47,xx,+21 denotes a female with a trisomy of chromosome 21 which...

Duplications of 17p - chromosome

in some people, cells with a normal chromosome make-up are found as well as cells with extra material from chromosome 17p. this is called mosaicism and can, in some

Human genetic disorders - horton high school

Cell reproduction unit part i - the normal human karyotype the normal human karyotype is composed of seven groups of chromosomes (a - g) plus the

Duplications of 4q ftnw - chromosome

duplications of 4q a duplication of 4q means that there is extra material from one of the body's 46 chromosomes - chromosome 4. for healthy development...

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