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Tikiwiki plugins PDF results

New method using wikis and forums to evaluate individual ...

Experiences, the free, on-line software platform, tikiwiki cms/groupware, was... used features were wikis [3] with their plugins, forums, comments and spreadsheets...

A sample of kaltura customers and projects

Sdk (e.g. the kaltura extensions and plugins for wordpress, drupal, mediawiki, moodle, alfresco, tikiwiki, sakai and elgg). media: universal studios/nbc...

Alt= add alternative text. must be encased in quotes. optional

*type plain, fancy if set to fancy, tikiwiki attempts to build a sentence and (in most... is a guide to the plug-in syntax, which is displayed when you click show plugins...

Securing php apps

• wordpress ๏ include(abspath. 'wp-content/plugins/'. trim( $_get['plugin'] ));... • tikiwiki ๏ header ("location: tiki-list_file_gallery.ph p?galleryid=". $_request

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