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The word of yahweh PDF results

No more yahweh

No more "yahweh" what's all the buzz? the blogs have been buzzing these last few weeks with news from the vatican congregation of divine worship and

An unexpected word

An unexpected word chapter excerpted from mike's first draft of his next book at the outset it's important to recall that we're still dealing with the issue of who

Chapter ix is the correct pronunciation known?

Chapter ix is the correct pronunciation known? f people followed the pure doctrine of using the sacred name they would be compelled to surrender their doctrine of...

Receive the blessing of abraham

receive the blessing of abraham (when quoting scriptures, from the rotherham emphasized bible new testament, i will substitute the hebrew word yahshua

By neil snyder

contents his name is yahweh acknowledgements 4 about the author 5 chapter 1 god said it and that makes it so 6 chapter 2 his name is yahweh 15

Why not eat from the tree of life?

Adam and eve did not eat from the tree of life. this detail is expressly stated in scriptures. just before driving adam and eve out of the garden of eden, yahweh advised

The ahab spirit

the ahab spirit in isaiah there is a picture of a breakdown in yahweh's order for the family: "i will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

The names of god--yahweh-jehovah raah

The names of god - yahweh-jehovah raah last week we started a series on "the names of god." like we said last week, there are a lot of names for god in the...


yahweh's calendar an excerpt from the book reuniting the covenant by rav. david pollina isbn 99932-82-00-6 u.s. & intl. ©2004 - rav. david pollina

yahweh's calendar vs roman-jewish calendar ...

yahweh's calendar vs roman-jewish calendar written by the: church of god p. o. box 30616 knoxville, tn 37930-0616 reprinted in sacred...

The day of yahweh

the day of jahweh "the day of yahweh" or "the day of the lord". zephaniah 1:14-18 authorized king james version: "the great day of the lord is near, it is...

Are yahweh and el distinct deities in deut. 32:8-9 and psalm 82?

are yahweh and el distinct deities in deut. 32:8-9 and psalm 82? dr. michael s. heiser academic editor, logos bible software, bellingham, wa

15 biblical astronomer, number 111 who is this deity named yahweh?

Biblical astronomer, number 111 15 who is this deity named yahweh? dr. thomas m. strouse1 introduction the psalmist david proclaimed, "o lord our lord, how excel-


Genesis in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god. the same was in the beginning with god. all things were made by him; and...

Testament by biblical proof

Scriptures that reference the american negro as the hebrew israelites of the old testament by biblical proof. you are probably asking yourself who is a hebrew...

Where did the name, jesus, come from?

Where did the name, jesus, come from? most english translations of the new testament have "jesus" for the name of the messiah, our savior; therefore,

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