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The bupropion pregnancy registry PDF results

the bupropion pregnancy registry

the bupropion pregnancy registry final report 1 september 1997 through 31 march 2008 issued: august 2008 a project conducted by glaxosmithkline

the bupropion pregnancy registry

the bupropion pregnancy registry interim report 1 september 1997 throug h 28 february 2007 issued: june 2007 for policy on presentation/quotation of data, please...

For more information about the organization of teratology ...

Glaxo wellcome bupropion pregnancy registry 9/1/97 - 8/31/06. issued december 2006. research park, wilmington, north carolina. haas j, et al. 2004.

Disclaimer: this newsletter, provided by itis, is funded by a ...

The majority of human data on pregnancy exposure is available through a bupropion pregnancy registry maintained by the manufacturer, glaxosmithkline.

Human teratogens: update 2010 lewis b. holmes, m.d.

... gsk.co.uk/welcome.asp) finding: possible "signal" for heart defects, esp. ventricular septal defects, in spontaneous reports in gsk bupropion pregnancy registry. bupropion...

Gabbe sg, mestman jh, freeman rk et al. management and ...

bupropion pregnancy registry. final study report 1 september 1997 through 31 agost 2002. issued dec 2002. research triangle park, north carolina.

Wellbutrin sr

bupropion and pregnancy • fda category b • no evidence of teratogenicity in animals • gsk bupropion pregnancy registry (800) 336-2176

Psychopharmacology during pregnancy

... ilettkf et al., br j clinpharmacol53:17-22, 2002 bupropion during pregnancy and postpartum • no... chemically similar to cbz but without epoxide metabolite • registry...

Antenatal depression: guidelines for when to use pharmacotherapy

... a hypertensive crisis during labor and delivery if a tocolytic such as terbutaline is used. 2 the manufacturer of bupropion has set up a pregnancy registry and collected...

Treating depression in pregnancy: practical suggestions

... unpublished data from the swedish national registry found that children of... koren g, fayez i, et al. pregnancy outcome of women exposed to bupropion during pregnancy...

Paroxetine (seroxat) - safety in pregnancy

... the results of a new study examining data from a swedish medical birth registry... epidemiology study: preliminary report on bupropion in pregnancy and the...

Psychiatric medications in pregnancy and the postpartum

psychiatric medications in pregnancy and the... retrospective, case reports, and registry data treating depression in pregnancy... normal population rates • bupropion...

The use of antidepressants in pregnancy and lactation

... there are no human data published, although a bupropion registry exists. 10 table 1. effects of exposure to ssris, snris, and other antidepressants during pregnancy.

Antenatal medical management and diagnosis.

•swedish medical birth registry-4,291 exposed in 1st... 121 live births •bupropion-266 first trimester exposures... radiosensitive in the latter stages of pregnancy, and...

Management of major depression during pregnancy

A prospective study that used the swedish birth registry (6) reported... at present, to our knowledge, no published studies exist on bupropion or nefazodone in pregnancy.

Management of major depression during pregnancy

Birth registry (6) reported 969 cases of prenatal exposure to... studies exist on bupropion or nefazodone in pregnancy. when selecting an antidepressant...

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