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Surenos 13 PDF results


sureños also known as: sur 13, los sureños, sureño trece history: the term "sureños" describes gangs professing allegiance to a gang set in southern california.

surenos 2008

Law enforcement in these small towns often do not initially recognize these gangs as sureños. sur 13 gangs are often rivals on the streets and usually have few links to...

A gang awareness manual

In harvey county, the two main rival gangs are the vlb (vatos loco boyz) and the sur 13 (surenos 13 or surenos trece). both of these originated from northern...

Name: anthony velasquez gang affiliation: sureños 13

Apprehended name: anthony velasquez gang affiliation: sureños 13 wanted for: parole violation date apprehended: june 5, 2009...

Mara salvatrucha (ms13)

... sureños derived from the mexican mafia, or "la eme," a mexican-american prison gang which organized against the 1950's italian mafia. sureños identify with "13"...

Norteño - black gangster disciples (bgd) - mara salvatrucha (ms13)

sureños identify with "13", "xiii", "x3", the thirteenth letter of the alphabet ("m"), and the color blue (blue bandanas). they typically wear blue...

Nortenos bloods crips independent hispanic gangs folks people surenos

Vsk-venomous surenos klique clk-crown latin kings tvr-toonerville rascals surenos 13 gardenia 13 38th street 18th street chiques trece florencia 13

A special report from the rocky mountain information network - law ...

Also, the sureños or sur 13 gangs may have non-hispanics as members. it is not uncommon to see native-american, caucasian, or other races in sureño gangs.

* news release * sureno gang members convicted by jury of ...

Rico will be sentenced on november 6, valle on november 13 and pablo on november 20, all by judge terrance duncan. two other defendants, fernando quiroz,


surenos 13 surenos 38 surenos varios mexicanos locos surenos alley boys surenos chiques surenos florencia vilianos mexicanos surenos westside...

National gang intelligence center

45 unclassified//law enforcement sensitive unclassified//law enforcement sensitive national gang intelligence center sureños sur 13; sur x3

Street gangs in

surenos 13, frequently known as white street & including the joplin honkys sur-13 or "sur trece". the term prison gangs - (sometimes also spelled

The history of gangs in kansas city, missouri

... all of these gangs are in the same area latin counts f-13 (florencia) river - 27 th street prospect - 435 mexican kings fremont hustlers sur-13 (surenos) vd-13...

Tacoma & lakewood crip gangs

Hispanic gangs east side locos surenos 13 florencia 13 hidalgos (puyallup) nortenos 14 hidalgos (puyallup) vatos locos 13 venice beaver kats/boys 13 ms 13 bpm 13...

Criminal street gang awareness & suppression strategies

Las tres la mayoría de las pandillas problemáticas son: los reyes latinos, sureños (13's) y discípulos de gánster o los reyes latinos * los símbolos latinos del rey...

Gangs report bulletin template

In another gang related shooting in omak, a rap artist from an idaho indian reservation was shot by surenos 13 (sur 13) gang member from douglas county.

Warning signs of gang activity

... gang activity warning signs of gang activity some local gang indicators* • law enforcement reports the following gangs are currently active in the county: surenos (sur-13...

2008 yearly report

... the numbers 3 santa clarita valley gang membership 2007 - 2008 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 val verde park mexicanos malditos surenos brown familia canones newhall 13...

Ms-13 threat assessment

Ms-13 is currently involved in a turf war over red fox run area with two other latino gangs, the "sureños 13" (estimated at 50 + members) and "vatos locos" (no...

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