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Subungual melanoma PDF results

subungual melanoma

Subungualvs. acral subungualvs. acral 67 japanese cases of 67 japanese cases of acralmalignant melanomas acralmalignant melanomas >40% palmoplantarand subungual...

Malignant melanoma or compound nevus: distinguishing malignant ...

Malignant melanoma or compound nevus: distinguishing malignant melanoma in the foot and ankle richard w. sieber, bs abstract pigmented lesions of the foot and...

Diseases of the canine digit

Diseases of the canine digit diseases of the digit are relatively common and are particularly frustrating in terms of therapy. unlike many other areas of skin...

Renal cell carcinoma with solitary toe metastasis

International journal of urology (2005) 12, 401-404 blackwell science, ltdoxford, ukijuinternational journal of urology0919-81722005 blackwell publishing asia pty...

Common nail disorders

•nail matrix cells (onychocytes) are specialized keratinocytesthat form the nail plate •disorders of matrix are demonstrated within the nail plate •disorders of...

Guideline on psoriasis - chmp-ewp-2454-02 - final

European medicines agency evaluation of medicines for human use 7 westferry circus, canary wharf, london, e14 4hb, uk tel. (44-20) 74 18 84 00 fax (44-20) 74 18 86 13

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