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South sudan PDF results

Special r

About the repo r t this is one of a series of usip special reports on state building in the republic of south sudan following its creation on july 9, 2011.

sudan and south sudan

sudan and south sudan last updated: mar. 19, 2012 background south sudan shut in its oil production just six months after gaining independence, as a

Aid in transition: south sudan

Aid in transition: south sudan. south sudan already has a long relationship with aid - sudan is ranked as the thirteenth largest recipient of official development...

south sudan: a human rights agenda for independence

south sudan: a human rights agenda june 30, 2011 on july 9, 2011, south sudan will become africa's 54th state, following the referendum in january.

south sudan - post-independence agenda final

summary on 9 july 2011, amid scenes of joyous celebration, the republic of south sudan became africa's 54 th state. the world's newest country is also one...

Undp- south sudan, juba office page 1of 14

United nations development programme undp-south sudan, juba office procurement unit request for quotation number: survey 001 page 1 of 14...

south sudan-post-independence opportunities and challenges

south sudan: post-independence opportunities and challenges khalid tijani el-nour* 25 july 2011 al jazeera centre for studies tel: +974-44930181

south sudan: international state-building and its limits

Swp research paper. stiftung wissenschaft und politik german institute for international and security affairs. wolfram lacher. south sudan: international state

Health update - april 05

fig. 1. kypho-scoliosis in a child with tb spondylitis: rumbek, south sudan. many children in s. sudan have never been vaccinated (photo by s. sindani)

Un mine action coordination centre - south suda

south sudan mine action coordination centre weekly situation report #4, january 2012, page 1 of 3 summary of week #4 humanitarian mine action teams...

south sudan - the fund for peace

Sp-s2-11 country profiles | the fund for peace new country profile south sudan july 2011 as a result of the january 2011 referendum for

Flowering well as at maturity stage in the equatorial region

A joint effort of the government of south sudan with united nation organizations and international non-governmental organizations sifsia is a programme funded by...

154 jongleis tribal conflicts - countering insecurity in south sudan

Jonglei's tribal conflicts: countering insecurity in south sudan africa report n°154 - 23 december 2009

south sudan transition strategy 2011-13

south sudan transition strategy 2011-13 june 2011 images od sudanese assistance recipients

Education for an independent south sudan - building a better future

Building a better future: education for an independent south sudan policy paper- june 2011 education for all global monitoring report

south sudan

World health organization south sudan | weekly report | wk 2 | 10 - 16 january 2011 •*the*overall*situation *in*southern*sudan*-*both*security*...

Avoiding civil war in south sudan

avoiding civil war in south sudan philip richardson abstract this report studies potential barriers to peace and...

Children's hospital. unicef urgently needs us$13.6 million for the ...

Only 34 per cent of the people in south sudan have access to safe water supplies, and only 15 per cent, have access to adequate sanitary latrines. 4 education...

World bank document

south sudan's spending needs for regional, national, rural, and urban connectivity road length in good condition (km) spending needs (us$ million per year over a...

Operational plan dfid south sudan 2011-2015

operational plan 2011-2015. dfid south sudan. july 2011. contents: introduction 1. section 1: context 2. section 2: vision 3. section 3: results 4-5

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