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Shiba inu wiki PDF results

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... shiba inu, shikoku, lapphund vallhund, tamaskan, thai bangkaew, volpino italiano, laika. see full list at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/spitz...


1228 v koko shiba inu 21209-01 dale crowe absent 0 - - 1615 will... 1206 wiki papillon 06985-08 kathy & vernon fueston 18.10 0 q 2 1211 twiggy parsons...

Regular/veteran - wildcard round 1 - level 1

1228 v koko shiba inu 21209-01 dale crowe absent 0 - - 1607 leila all... 1206 wiki papillon 06985-08 kathy & vernon fueston 27.36 15 nq 1 1615 will...

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P16036 koji, shiba inu, sandra (ying-hung) tung p16037 meg, border collie, richard roller p16039 jade, australian shepherd, beth whitezel 22": 11 competitors

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