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Sample subpoena craigslist PDF results

Ebay fraud investigations - law enforcement record requests

To formally request records, please send your request to ebay fit by fax for subpoenas and court orders, please then follow the fax by mailing a hard copy of the subpoena...

Facebook law enforcement guidelines

If this guide is more than 6 months old, please contact facebook at subpoena[__at__]facebook... sample facebook user consent letter...

Federal rules

Process-other than a summons under rule 4 or a subpoena under rule 45-must be served by a united states marshal or deputy marshal or by a person specially...

2012 ticket sale and resale registration form (720 ilcs 375)

... any applicable local amusement tax in connection with the reseller's sale of tickets, and discloses to law enforcement or other government tax officials, without subpoena...

Law enforcement compliance guide

... myspace, facebook, bebo, friendster, ebay, craigslist... the guide also provides some sample request language... process required: grand jury or administrative subpoena...

Law enforcement compliance guide

Ebay, craigslist, blogger and xanga. in addition to... photobucket generally attaches a small sample of... the following information when issuing a subpoena, search

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