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Rubidium clock accuracy PDF results

Ensure mobile service availability with rubidium sync ...

Hite paper ensure mobile service availability with rubidium sync holdover page 1 of 3 precise synchronization (sync) and timing are essential to mobile communications

Data sheet: 8040c - symmetricom

Title: data sheet: 8040c author: symmetricom subject: rubidium frequency standard keywords: rubidium clock, rubidium frequency standard, rubidium atomic clock

G-0rb g-03x - esoteric

rubidium model g-0rb crystal model g-03x ultimate precision master clock generator vividly opens the "gray area" of the soundstage, revealing the hidden passion...

Esoteric's original gold-plated bnc ports specifications

Master clock generator g-01 rubidium clock oscillator module talk of flawless sound produced by an audio system connected together with a high precision

Principles of atomic clocks - 2011 joint conference of the ...

Outline general things about clocks what is an atomic clock? conventional atomic clocks cesium beam frequency standard (cfs) rubidium oscillator (rbo)

Timeprovider 2300 - symmetricom

Page 2 of 5 timeprovider® 2300 data sheet meeting stringent synchronization accuracy requirements synchronization accuracy requirements have gone from...

Time server product comparison chart - endrun technologies

"smarter timing solutions" time server product comparison chart sonoma d12 sonoma n12 unison/tempus lx* network ports number and type two 10/100/1000 base-t...

In sync with gps

Page 4 maintain this accuracy. the current generation uses a gps clock. interestingly, neither of the gps clock's two components, a gps receiver and a high-quality...

Sub-microsecond synchronization for - meinberg usa

Meinberg radio clocks - ww.meinberg.de ptp270pex the ieee 1588 pci express card will allow you to use ptp synchronization in your own applications.

White paper precision time protocol - endrun technologies

"smarter timing solutions" the precision time protocol, as defined in the ieee-1588 standard, provides a method to precisely synchronize computers over a local area...

Fg5 gravity meter - scintrex ltd

S ince its introduction in 1992, the fg5 has become the industry standard in absolute gravity instrumentation. based directly on international standards of time and...

The basics of synchronized ethernet - ee times asia - in ...

Which can be accomplished with general purpose plls. however, the pll used in synce must pro-vide additional functions beyond jitter cleaning.

The global positioning system and hp smartclock

Article 9 december 1996 hewlett-packard journal 1 the global positioning system and hp smartclock the u.s. department of defense global positioning system

Chapter 3. the global positioning system - virginia tech

27 chapter 3. the global positioning system 3.1 the gps constellation the navstar global positioning system (gps) is a constellation of 24 satellites that

Fundamentals of gps - the world agrometeorological ...

P.l.n. raju 123 term for receiver clock error is observed for positioning whereas in carrier phase techniques, the difference between the phase of the carrier signal...

xilinx wp319 jitter: variations in the significant ...

Measurement of jitter wp319 (v1.0) march 24, 2008 www.xilinx.com 3 r figure 1 shows the typical clock jitter measured at an iob output. the variations in

Chapter 1 introduction to gps - university of new south ...

Introduction to gps chris rizos, university of new south wales, 1999© • equipment, and • positioning strategies. the "engine" of commercial gps product...

Time and frequency modular time code processor model: ...

Time and frequency modular time code processor model: 9000 ©trak microwave corp. 10/03 specifications subject to change without notice. 19 trak microwave corporation

Network time protocol (ntp): overview and configuration

Ntp: strata •each ntp node has a stratum •stratum is an integer between 0 and 16, inclusively •stratum 0 means a physical clock, never a computer

Gaia g - astrium

G aia is a space astrometry mission designed to help tackle one of the most arduous challenges in astronomy: to create an extraordinarily precise three-dimensional...

Vector signal generators - stanford research systems

Stanford research systems phone (40)44-040 www.thinksrs.com power vs frequency all srs rf signal generators have cascaded stages of

Cesium - usgs

The international atomic energy agency has indicated that cesium-137 is one of several radioactive materials that may be used in radiological dispersion devices or...

Chapter 17: fundamentals of time and frequency

17 fundamentals of time and frequency 17.1 introduction coordinated universal time (utc) 17.2 time and frequency measurement accuracy • stability

Audio analyzer - stanford research systems

Phone (408)744-9040 www.thinksrs.com stanford research systems audio analyzer sr1 - dual-domain audio analyzer · analog/digital domain measurements

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