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Region 13 cscope PDF results

cscope state conference n csco pe s tate co nferen

cscope state conference november 11-12, 2008 leading change through successful... go to education service center region xiii's website: www.esc13.net. 2.

Department of curriculum & instruction

Microsoft powerpoint - cscope [compatibility mode] 1 copyright©2007 education service center region xiii hector gonzales superintendent dr. salvador cavazos...

Please sit with your district colleagues.

regions 13, 20, 10, and 7 joined in spring, 2007. implemented in 279 districts... service center region xiii copyright©2008 education service center region xiii cscope...

Admin n,4th 6 weeks.a1

Written and edited by esc region xiii local cscope support team administrator... 972-348-1426 jan.moberley[,,@,,]region 10.org region 13 jennifer drumm coordinator, cscope...

Esc region 6 cscope trainings

... standards of rigor and relevance. 2010-2011 school year cscope trainings esc region 6 cscope... 6-8 six weeks six weeks session # date location 2 110513 september 13...

What is cscope?

For example, region 13 out of austin is responsible for the professional look, the cscope brand and logo, the current web design and the computer interface.

A for parents

9) how many schools are using cscope? there are 60 school districts in the region 13 esc area, and 30 are implementing cscope. across the state, there are 262...

Wisd cscope q & a cscope in wisd

region 10 support will be available to work with grade-level leaders and... 13. how does cscope address special education? - special education teachers can look at...

Esc region 6 cscope trainings

... at (936) 435-8223 or etijerina{*@*}esc6.net 2009-2010 school year esc region 6 cscope... 2009 4 98085 december 2, 2009 5 98087 february 5, 2010 6 98088 april 13, 2010 cscope...

Victoria *independent*school*district*

Visd curriculum and professional development dept. 5 cscope walk-through-gail parencia, region iii... working with 3, 4, 5 plc teachers 8:30 - 3:30 pdc october 13, 2011 cscope...

Information regarding cscope

All but one esc in the state support cscope; mineral wells isd support comes from region 11 in fort worth, tx. 13. how many schools are using cscope?

cscope balanced literacy

Esc region 12 this session will... - increase knowledge... the cscope instructional focus document will include... and audio forms used as a means of communication k.13...

Fourth six weeks, 2010-2011 the outside-in strategy

3) centers in cscope (p. 4) conferring with... 33) newsletter edited by esc region xiii the outside-in... 2011 fourth six weeks preview english language arts 13

Answers for cscope curriculum & assessment connection- ...

Answers for cscope curriculum & assessment connection... #13 - ela: somewhat aligned to se. level of... region 16 esc created date: 8/17/2010 11:25:20 am

Serving the educational community

January 13, 2011 cscope/gt (sec) description... iii location: esc 20 session #: sd101026-d51 49 education service center, region 20

S. p. o. t. a leader

Fee for non-region 7 cscope members $150 instruction october 12-13, 2010 8: 30-3: 30 region 7, elm session # 025407 active student engage learning...

cscope implementation plan for teachers

cscope implementation plan for... district coordinators and region 10 to give feedback for the implementation of the curriculum tier v getting ready for year 2012-13...

cscope curriculum developer directions

Gpisd technology training manual page 1of 14 cscope curriculum developer... word - cscope curriculum developer directions.doc author: dboyer created date: 12/13...

Name date teacher section

... 2002-2008, education service center region 10. all rights reserved. page: 1 go on this test is the property of tesccc/cscope and... 13) scoring notes: when an...

cscope lesson plan template

Regular polygons and angle relationships cscope lesson plan template... 13. use the function you wrote in question 7 to determine the type of polygon that...

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