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Python gtk windows PDF results

Tony gale ian main &thegtkteam

Gtk+2.0 tutorial by tony gale, ian main, and&the gtk team this is a tutorial on how touse gtk (the gimp t oolkit) through its cinterface.

Developing hybrid web/gtk+ rich internet applications

The return of the online desktop? why did the gnome online desktop fail?-the data model was there-the ipc system was in place (d-bus)-did the lack of a web content...

Matplotlib : a 2d graphics environment

I began learning python in 2001, mainly as a way to procrastinate during the final stages of preparing my dissertation. i was hooked in short order.

W3af user guide

Introduction this document is a user guide for the web application attack and audit framework ( w3af ), its goal is to provide a basic overview of what the framework...

Openerp technical memento

Open source rad with openobject p reamble openerp is a modern enterprise management software, released under the agpl license, and featuring crm, hr...

Computer software engineer resume

Landon c. zabcik contact info: landon c. zabcik landon{``@``}holleygrove. com 3504 silvergate way cell: (850) 292-5002 pensacola, fl 32504 e ducation : auburn...


Aakhter-wireshark ©2006 cisco systems, inc. all rights reserved. 1 aamer akhter / aa<;;@;;>cisco.com ecmd, cisco systems wireshark (aka ethereal)


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