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Poly vinyl guar gum slime PDF results

Polyvinyl alcohol slime

Permission for classroom use and education related activities. david a. katz chemist, educator, science communicator, and consultant 133 n. desert stream dr., tucson, az 85745, usa voice/fax: 520-624-2207 email: dakatz45{*@*}msn.com slime, a product of the mattel toy corporation, was originally marketed during the time period from 1976 to... ... the mattel materials laboratory, as a reversible cross-linking gel made from guar gum... testing your slime: test the properties of the "slime". a) can you stretch...

It's the slime time of your life

It's the slime time of your life eileen mika eugene dougherty, ph.d. bensalem high school senior research chemist bensalem, pa rohm and haas company bristol, pa polymerization elementary through high school chemistry students will be introduced to the concepts of polymerization The tetrahedral borate ion "crosslinks" with the poly(vinyl alcohol) to yield slime and... is not available or you prefer not to work with it, you may use guar gum,

Teacher guide

Developed by the university of illinois. aligned to nm standards by nm epscor & funded by national science foundation grants eps-0312632, eps-0447691. distributed by the national nanotechnology infrastructure network at the university of new mexico. 5. examine investigations of current interest in science (e.g., superconductivity, molecular... Theoretical: the polymer used is "poly (vinyl alcohol)".... the pva solution at least one day in advance. ∞ guar gum... take some in your hand and stretch the slime...

Silly putty: synthesizing a polymer

Silly putty: synthesizing a polymer adding elmers school glue (or generic brand school glue) to a water/borax solution causes a chemical reaction between the glue molecules (polyvinylacetate) and the borax molecules (na 2 b 4 o 7•10h 2 o) to produce a highly flexible, cross-linked polymer. this polymer is similar to silly putty (real silly... This will lead to a very gooey, slime-like product. for high-school classes, one can have them experiment with the effects of adding variable amounts of borax to the...

Chemistry outreach program

Chemistry outreach program massachusetts institute of technology cambridge, ma experimentals important note the procedures in this document are intended for use only by persons with prior training in the field of chemistry. these procedures must be conducted at one's own risk. mit and the chemistry outreach program do not warrant or guarantee the... Commercial slime is the cross-linked product of guar gum and borax. this demonstration fits in nicely... you can explain that the starting material, poly(vinyl...

Introduction to organic chemistry-grade 11

Introduction to organic chemistry-grade 11 1 ohio standards connection: physical sciences benchmark e summarize the historical development of scientific theories and ideas within the study of physical sciences. indicator 2 explain that humans have used unique bonding of carbon atoms to make a variety of molecules(e.g., plastics). commentary: this... ... or "organic chemistryhelper"), and for the extension: poly vinyl alcohol, sodium tetraborate, guar gum... hold the slime with your fingers and let it flow freely. see...

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