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Photos of roswell crash PDF results

Ufo disinformation: it's always been with us

Introduction • discussion of u.s. intelligence establishment. • disinformation: what it is and how it works. • brief list of ufo disinformation/hoax programs...

William p. partenheimer - trafficsafety

William p. partenheimer senior traffic crash reconstruct ionist traffic safety consultants, inc. gaskins centre i, 3827 gaskins road...

Wisconsin mufon journal

Res, victor camacho, ted roe, dr. anthony choy, larry lemke, and george knapp. attendance figures were not immediately available, but esti-mates by mufon personnel

It started with a bang: oregon ufo history - welcome to oregon ...

Introduction (1) • oregon has over 1000 ufo cases documented at various levels, mostly uninvestigated reports and news article documented cases.

Alien interview

alien interview based on personal notes and interview transcriptions provided by : matilda o'donnell macelroy editing and supplemental footnotes by:

Top ten most famous hoaxes in history - index page/home

Top ten most famous hoaxes in history one of the hallmarks of being human is the desire-and some may say the need-to try and fool ourselves and

The official newsletter of the justin cowboy crisis fund san ...

The official newsletter of the justin cowboy crisis fund march/april 2011 2 news and notes 2 a cowboy says thanks 2 mike cervi jr team roping 3 george strait

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