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Petra vs geographix PDF results

Rodrigo a. bernal

Rodrigo a. bernal geologist gis specialist m.sc gis and environment cll 127c 2b - 18. torre c apt. 303 bogota-colombia home: (571) 2741307 cel: (57) 300-56-73-951 e-mail: mav4[,,at,,]tutopia.com profile geologist with working experience in sedimentology, stratigraphy, and geographic information systems oriented to the petroleum industry. knowledge and... ... schlumberger`s petrel, landmark's geographix, smt´s kingdom suite, ihs´ petra... * cdp vs. sp relation * conversion and/or load of segy files *...

Seisware 7.2 functionality

This tour demonstrates functionality integral to making seisware 7.2 the most intuitive and effective seismic interpretation software in the market. seisware 7.2 functionality create projects using: sql compatibility sql 2005 express sql 2005 (full version) sql 2008 express sql 2008 (full version) system requirements and configuration Data pipeline retrieve multiple data types with one process petra® geographix...

Product catalog

The energy industry's most trusted resource for quality digital mapping data summer 2011 product catalog© petroleum geographics corporation 2011 base map data land & lease map data energy map data our data products are compatible with: petra geographix kingdom smt esri mapinfo autocad surfer microst at ion rockworks google earth or our... Pgc elevation data can be delivered in a variety of formats for import directly into geographix, petra, kingdom smt, surfer, autocad, esri, and mapinfo.

28 attended the stavanger meeting including dong hydro shell

2005 aapg - calgary aapg annual convention calgary, june 2005 integrated model in badley's traptester 1 tw0516_1 introduction we arrived at the tail end of one of the wettest periods in southern alberta's history - the province looked like a swamp as we landed. but the next day, and for the duration of the aapg, the sun shone and the aapg... Landmark was busy 're-igniting' geographix... petra 3dviz module... 27 tw0516_13.1 proven developed vs. proven...

•formed in 1993 by the state legislature at the request of ...

Formed in 1993 by the state legislature at the request of petroleum industry oerb• the purpose of the board is to coordinate a program designed to demonstrate to the general public the importance of the oklahoma oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, to encourage the wise and efficient use of energy,… and to cause... ... the risks of skateboarding vs. hanging around well sites well site safety program skateboarding vs... mapping -geographix... petra oerb certified petrotech...

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