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Pms 1585c PDF results

Latex balloon colour range

White 200 yellow 210 pms 107c orange 220 pms 1585c red 230 pms 185c pink 232 pms 230c blue 250 pms 2935c purple 260 pms 266c lavender 261 pms...

Pantone color table - pms

pms swatch pantone color table 100c 101c 102c 103c 104c 105c 106c 107c 108c 109c 110c 111c... 1585c 159c 1595c 160c 1605c 161c 1615c 162c 1625c 163c...

Corporate communications manual

This logo was designed using the pantone ® solid coated colors pms 241c, pms 1585c, pms 2925c, pms 369c and pms 1235c. playdesigns ® is a registered...

Colour chart

... silver grey royal yellow gold teal orange lime bottle soft pink cherry purple emerald chocolate ice blue snow marle purple brown red soft pink pms 439c pms 200c pms 196c pms 5753c pms 1585c pms...

Conversion pantone® color to madeira color

... 1585c 1778 10 pantone ® 1595c 1621 10 pantone ® 1605c 1856 10 pantone ® 1625c 1820 10 pantone ® 1635c 1952 10 pantone ® 1665c 1678 3 pantone ®...

Guide to color selection

Choose a pms color for the dark bars with a percent reflectance no greater than the... 92% p 1565c…92% p 1575c…91% p 1585c...

Super brite polyester super strength rayon

Pantone: 1585c orange ra#122 9038 pantone: 1575c deviled orange ra#122 2247 pantone: 1365c honey ra#122 5589 pantone: ra original rust ra#122 2289...

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