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Oled bulb PDF results

oled - university of notre dame

oled types small-molecular oled made by vacuum evaporating small molecules to the substrate similar to that used in semiconductor manufacturing

oled myths & misunderstandings

Making lives brighter™ oled myths & misunderstandings organic light-emitting diodes (oleds) can be found in hundreds of products. because of their breath-taking...

Lumiblade creative lab - philips

Lumiblade creative lab the oled lighting magazine lumiblade creative lab explore: come play with us tom dixon flat lamp: a unique collection of oled light...

Organic optoelectronic devices: organic light-emitting ...

l abstract-a brief induction of organic light-emitting diodes is provided, including the materials, device structure, electronic energy structure, electronic...

November 2012 1 - energy

Table of figures figure 1.1 led-based ssl manufacturing supply chain … 9 figure 1.2 oled-based ssl...

High efficient and high quality white oleds and its ...

19 copyright©2012 all rights reserved eco solutions company nec lighting 2011? - 62 lm/w > 10,000 h p/p/p philips-konica-minolta 2011 out-coupling foil - 45 lm...

Value creation in light sources & electronics

• the light sources & electronics business will see solid value growth in the next few years, primarily driven by led • we are on track to extract maximum value

Jaz data sheet - ocean optics

Jaz data sheet 013-rd000-000-05-201109 7 electrical pinout jaz dpu listed below is the pin description for the accessory connector located on the jaz dpu (min) 013-

Solid-state lighting dr. david danielson, manufacturing r ...

solid-state lighting manufacturing r&d workshop. dr. david danielson, assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy. june 5, 2013

Quantum dots for displays and lighting

12 sid texas - october, 2011 illuminated by incandescent bulb warm white led/qd optic led/qd optic lamp that integrates quantum dot technology

Moserbaer catalogue final as - moserbaer | optical storage ...

trona p a top-of-the-line cob light source. a direct replacement for the conventional incandescent bulb. an energy saver. family name : led bulb

Evolution of led packaging (split) - smart lighting ...

The evolution of led packaging robert karlicek director, smart lighting engineering research center, professor, electrical, computer and

Texas instruments - power management strategy ...

6.2 lighting and displays power domain 6.2.1 led driver ics 6.2.2 color lcd/oled display ics 6.2.3 other lighting products 6.2.4 target led lighting applications and...

Lighting technology - uk parliament

January 2010 number 351 lighting technology electric lighting accounts for around one-fifth of electricity consumption, both in the uk and globally.

Energy efficient lighting - department of energy science ...

Content 2 basics of illumination types of light source, lighting comparison of commercial lamps energy efficient lighting m l tihf l more light from less power

X-e1 - fujifilm

P1-2(24p) because the best moments won't come to you. weighing only 350g, the lightweight, compact body makes the x-e1 the perfect travel companion.


Licht.wissen 17_ led: the light of the future 4 introduction led: the light of the future 06 led applications city and street 10 facade and advertising 12

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