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Novitas 13 051 PDF results

Model 13-051 heavy duty switchpack

Easy mounting on or in a junction box.•• reduces installation expense.•• five-year warranty. how it operates: the 13-051 switchpack combines a class 2 power supply and an isolated form a relay in a single housing, eliminating the need to... Replaces separate transformers and relays. • • zero crossing circuit for high inrush current loads. • • isolated (dry) 20a contacts. • • 120/277 vac...

Occupancy sensor selection guide

auto-on/auto-off only manual-on/auto-off only single-circuit passive infared (pir) dual-circuit pir catalog numbers slspws1277ai (ivory) slspws1277mi (ivory) slspws1277ui (ivory) slspwd1277ui (ivory) slspws1277aw (white) slspws1277mw (white) slspws1277uw (white) slspwd1277uw (white)- slspws1277ul (light almond) slspwd1277ul (light almond)- 13 power pack (with relay) auxiliary relay (slave pack) catalog numbers slspp1277 slssp24 ratings input 120/277 vac 24 vdc/36 ma output (24...

Wallbox dimmer (0-10v)

Wallbox dimmer (0-10v) company part # power booster availableconfirmed douglas lighting wpc-5721 tg600f am120 tap glide(120v), tgh1500fam120 tap glide heatsink (120v) 0a2000famu (120/277v) el7315a1019 el7305a1010 el7315a1009 el7305a1010 ps-010-120v ps-010-120v preset slide ps-010-3w-120v preset slide ps-010-277v preset slide ps-010-3w-277v preset... ... sensor switch the watt stopper, inc. lithonia controls odp series novitas. indoor photocell: 01-pc1 13-031, 13-041, 13-051, 13-061, 13-071, or 01-pcc...

Sample - itb - goods

Pinellas county purchasing itb - goods revised: 12/2007 cut along the outer border and affix this label to your sealed bid envelope to identify it as a "sealed bid". be sure to include the name of the company submitting the bid where requested. sealed bid • do not open sealed bid no.: 078-0180-b (ss) bid title: security... 13. contractor license requirement: all contractors performing... cd-cpfiug882 $ $ adi 20 each cd-cpad555 $ $ motorola 10 each nntn4970 $ $ novitas, inc. 2 pack 13-051...

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