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Nortenos 14 bonds PDF results

La nuestra familia

Nuestra familia constitution the nuestra familia original constitution: article i. supreme commander section i. the nuestro general ( ng ) is the supreme power in the organization known as la nuestra familia. his power shall have no limit (within art, i, ii, iii). solely he can declare war for the entire o and once in a state of war... Nuestra raza rules and regulations are known as the 14 bonds: 1.) all nortenos will strive for a better education, respect, and social status of equality.

Nuestra familia timeline

Nuestra familia timeline nuestra familia october 28, 1940 robert joseph "death row" gonzales is born in oxnard, california. february 20, 1945 robert "babo" rios sosa born. march 28, 1951 michael "mikeo" e. castillo born. page 1 of 28 7/31/2009 http://www.geocities.com/ jiggy2000_us/familiatimel ine.html?200931 May 14, 1994 familiano joseph... 2001 hector "copas" gallegos author of the 14 bonds becomes the latest victm of the governments onslaught against nuestra...

Nuestra familia

Limited official use - law er;iforcement~-ens-fhv-e drugs and crime gang profile o f.justice u. s. department nuestra familia...'..'.'-'…;..&q uot;. 0',..,"".." ;."~',,,...,".' ...- nuestra familia is a highly structured, extremely violent, prison-based gang members operating primarily in prisons and communities in california. most members are... nortenos and surenos throughout southern california most hispanic street gangs identify themselves as surefiosand pay a percentage of their income... (14 bonds...

Gang awareness

Slide 4 collaborative approach•societal problem•requires collaborative effort•law enforcement/courts•corr ections•communities/sch ools/faith based groups•families Slide 22 nortenos •formed in 1983 at folsom... •formed in 1983 at folsom •rank structure •14 bonds likened to the nf constitution •extensive education...

Organized crime in california, 2010

Organized crime in california 2010 annual report to the legislature california department of justice division of law enforcement bureau of investigation and intelligence kamala d. harris attorney general larry j. wallace director division of law enforcement richard j. lopes assistant director division of law enforcement randy bryant acting chief ... street gangs… 4 norteños... 14 asian street gangs... bonds of the young...

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