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Mysql current date/time PDF results

mysql date and time functions - tutorials for d ...

Curdate() returns the current date as a value in 'yyyy-mm-dd' or yyyymmdd format, depending on whether the function is used in a string or numeric context.

Package 'rmysql' - cran

Package 'rmysql' august 29, 2013 version 0.9-3 date 2012-01-17 title r interface to the mysql database author david a. james and saikat debroy

Real time weather information using labview and onset ...

1. introduction remote weather stations can provide useful information to many people. they can be used to determine the current weather information for an area and...

Appendix f glossary of common sql functions

Curtime curtime() the curtime()function returns the current time on the system. date_add date_add(date, interval, expression) the date_add()functionreturns ...

Shoretel report scheduler application user guide

Shoretel report scheduler version 1.3.4 page 3 of 39 installation the application cannot be installed on a shoretel server. it must be installed on permanent

Business information server for microsoft windows

Software release announcement 7846 0268-014 v websphere mq … 47 date/time …

Database access with jdbc - coreservlet

Jdbc introduction • jdbc provides a standard library for accessing relational databases - api standardizes • way to establish connection to database

Squirrel, a universal sql client - sourceforge

Postgresql, etc.), the user does not need to learn multiple db-management tools since squirrel-sql provides a common mechanism for accessing them all.

System administrator's guide fedora 17 - fedora project ...

Fedora 17 system administrator's guide deployment, configuration, and administration of fedora 17 jaromír hradílek douglas silas martin prpič stephen wadeley

System administrator's guide fedora 16

Fedora 16 system administrator's guide deployment, configuration, and administration of fedora 16 jaromír hradílek douglas silas martin prpič eva kopalová

Sap manufacturing execution 5.1 - sap help portal - the ...

Sap manufacturing execution 5.1.3 reports guide 1 managing reports introduction one benefit of a manufacturing solution is a company's ability to analyze the data...

Hypersql user guide - hsqldb

Hypersql user guide hypersql database engine (hsqldb) 2.3 edited by, blaine simpson, and fred toussi

Perl tutorial - tutorials for qc, d programming, jcl ...

Tutorials point simply easy learning perl introduction p erl is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation and now used

Icm incentive and commission management - marcus ...

Use as of ap ecc enterprise extension incentive & commission management 6.0 (ea-icm 600) you can extract all the relevant document data from incentive and...

Point of view overview - automationdirect

E12-20 operator interface 1-800-633-0405 volume 14 point of view features point of view features alarms in addition to all the alarm functions you'd expect, point of...

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