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Multivariate analysis of variance (manova) ii: practical guide to PDF results

multivariate analysis of variance (manova)

For further reading: cooley, w.w. and p. r. lohnes. 1971. multivariate data analysis. john wiley & sons, inc. george h. dunteman (1984). introduction to multivariate...

Joint regression models for sales analysis using sas

Head office t: 267.616.1444 f: 1.905.761.1006 9 flagstaff place philadelphia, pa 19115 usa info{;at;}bisolutions.us toronto t: 647.271.1932 f: 905.761.1006 150 borrows...

Which statistics should tropical biologists learn?

Rev. biol. trop. (int. j. trop. biol. issn-0034-7744) vol. 59 (3): 983-992, september 2011 983 which statistics should tropical biologists learn?

Methods of text and discourse analysis

Introduction 1 i. d iscovery m ethods introduction the study of the elements of language has long been relegated to the field of linguistics. letters combine to form...

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