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meme-tracking and the dynamics of the news cycle

memes. and like genetic signatures, we find that while they remain recognizable as they appear in text over time, they also undergo sig-nificant mutation.

the importance of citation - grinnell college

the importance of citation - 2 - reason three: because academics need to be able to trace the geneology of ideas third, keeping track of sources is important because...

4chan and /b/: an analysis of anonymity and ...

4chan and /b/: an analysis of anonymity and ephemerality in a large online community michael s. bernstein 1, andres monroy-hern´ andez´, drew harry1,

Marketing to today's youth - 4imprint learning center

© 2011 4imprint, inc. all rights reserved marketing to today's youth kids these days: from bieber fever to owling to vamplets™ to learning how to

cultural images of librarians - tk421

Check the circulation figures for the top 20 magazines. not a lot of intellectual heavy lifting on the list, is there? this sets librarians waaaay ahead of the...

ideology and discourse - discourse in society - ...

ideology and discourse a multidisciplinary introduction teun a. van dijk pompeu fabra university, barcelona an earlier version of this book was used as an internet...

Séquence 4 - académie en ligne : tous les cours de l ...

Séquence 4 - an11 5 1increasing your knowledge of the world of fashion activity 1 here is a series of short quizzes to establish how well you already know

A secular buddhism - journal of global buddhism

A secular buddhism / 90 to use an analogy from the world of computing, the traditional forms of buddhism are like software programs that run on the same...

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