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Morning dua in islam PDF results

Essential duas in the life of a muslim

18 virtue 1. when a person recites this dua, it is said to him, "you have been guided and you are protected". 2. rasulullah j said that whosoever recites the above...

Your personal guide to umra, hajj, and ziyarat

Hajj assistance committee north america your personal guide to umra, hajj, and ziyarat by alhaj mahmud & zehra habib 10520 yonge street, unit 35b, suite...

Islamic book centre

As you are probably aware, we provide books in arabic, urdu, english and gujarati on an affordable basis, for the sole purpose of spreading the knowledge of deen...

Nairobi muslim academy

Introduction alhamdulliah, by the grace of allah (swt) we were able to start the school year on a peaceful note after the terrifying and damaging post election violence.

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