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Mall scavenger hunt list PDF results

In this file you will find the invitation (front and back), a ...

It's a scavenger hunt extravaganza at the mall! drop o˜/pick up will be….. receive along with the scavenger hunt list. if you have any concerns please...

Olol college sga official photo scavenger hunt list

Olol college sga official photo scavenger hunt list 4 [ ] a picture of three team members with... [ ] two team members riding the carousel at the mall of...

The gr e a t s c a

Microsoft word - the great scavenger hunt list 04-14-07... body chalk outline on floor of a mall - 3 118. gumby going down on pokey - 3 119.

Printable clues for mall scavenger hunt

Printable clues for mall scavenger hunt notes: this scavenger hunt is more appropriate for teens and tweens (8 - 12 or younger children with adult supervision).

Wal-mart scavenger hunt

Wal-mart scavenger hunt please do not destroy anything in the process of this scavenger hunt. also, remember that we are in a public place so try not to be too loud.

2011 mall of america reservation form

2011 mall of america mallquest scavenger hunt reservation form to reserve mallquest, please print this form, fill in the areas indicated and fax this...

The shopping center "scavenger hunt"

The shopping center "scavenger hunt" people who belong to majority groups (based on race... location: go to either a shopping mall or a "big box" superstore such as...

Knowhow2go scavenger hunt

Knowhow2go scavenger hunt about the event. what. the knowhow2go scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to get students to tour a local university...

Take a picture of...

Take a picture of... t h e g re a t s cav e n g er h un t l i s t hi, everybody… and welcome to the first annual world-wide great scavenger hunt!

Video scavenger hunt

Printed from yw suggestions - www.lds-yw.com video scavenger hunt you have minutes to complete as many tasks as you can on this list. be sure all the...

A b c

scavenger hunt your goal is to find 26 different items in the allotted time, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. any item or location specifications...

The 2006universityof chicago scavenger hunt list

The 2006universityof chicago scavenger hunt list the university of chicago scavenger hunt organization committee may 11,2006

Photo scavenger hunt

Microsoft word - photo scavenger hunt list 09.doc... use to put out a fire) • hugging a cactus • in front of a shopping mall • in...

The 2009university of chicago scavenger hunt list

Scav teams and the rules of the hunt 1. acquisition of items. all items on the list can be obtained and performed legally. it may involve smooth talking, or it may...

scavenger hunt pine park mystery

Microsoft word - scavengerpineparkmystery. doc. name date scavenger hunt pine...

Zoo scavenger hunt

Zoo scavenger hunt designed by the zoological society of milwaukee's education department.... amur or siberian tiger pachyderm mall 10). hippo 11). elephant 12)…..

Name: human body scavenger hunt activity materials

Name: human body scavenger hunt activity materials: question worksheet (pages 2-3) 16 human body fact cards (pages 4-8) tape, scissors...

How many chimney pots are there

hunt for treasure - example treasure hunt questions how many chimney pots are there

Old town weekends april 2008

Spend a day or night in old town winchester architectural scavenger hunt locate these... restaurant 535-0111 cork street tavern 667-3777 daily grind - old town mall...

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