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Mco p4450.7e PDF results

mco p4450.7e marine corps warehousing manual

mco p4450.7e lpp-2 25 may 94 marine corps order p4450.7e from: commandant of the marine corps to:... mco p4450.7e lpp-2 25 may 94 marine corps order...

Warehousing procedures

Warehousing procedures section i: 1. primary accounting records and analysis coverage: number records number maintained reviewed a. memorandum receipt for individual/garrison equipment (imr cards) (navmc 10577) _... (paragraph 4000 and 4004 of mco p4400.150e, paragraph 2007 of mco p4450.7e, and paragraph 11.5, section 11, part iii of um 4400-124) yes no n/a 6.

Using unit issue point

Using unit issue point asset management section i: 1. are procedures in effect for the coordination with the reparable issue point (rip) during the annual allowance recomputation to ensure usage data is calculated properly?(paragraph 5006.2.a of mco p4400.151b) yes no n/a 2. does the unit have written approval from rip oic for all (paragraph 1002 of mco p4450.7e; and chapter 2 of mco 4450.14) yes no n/a 2. is materiel properly identified and stored in a serviceable ready-for-issue...

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