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Mco 4400.123 PDF results

United states marine corps

United states marine corps marine corps base quantico, virginia 22134-5001 mcbo p4400.2 c 211 3 sep 1985 marine corps base order p4400.2 from: commanding general to: distribution list subj:... ... for the maintenance float ref: (a) um 4400-15 (b) mco p4400.82f (c) um 4400-123... um 4400-123 defines smrc coding. actual smrc codes may be...

Requisitioning and follow-up action

Requisitioning and follow-up action 1. is the unit maintaining the atlass document control file current? (units must be importing status daily) (paragraph 3a of almar 229/95, cmc 020102z aug 95) yes no n/a 2. are priority designators consistent with the actual urgency of need and the unit's assigned fad? (paragraphs 5a and 7a, enclosure (1)... (paragraphs 5a and 7a, enclosure (1) of mco 4400.16g, hqmc annual fad authorization letter; paragraph 3001.5 of mco p4400.150e, paragraph 04021 and...

Using unit issue point

Using unit issue point asset management section i: 1. are procedures in effect for the coordination with the reparable issue point (rip) during the annual allowance recomputation to ensure usage data is calculated properly?(paragraph 5006.2.a of mco p4400.151b) yes no n/a 2. does the unit have written approval from rip oic for all (chapter 5 of mco p4400.82f and paragraph, section 14, part iii of um 4400-123). yes no n/a sup019 - 1 rev 10/01

mco 5110.1d motor vehicle traffic supervision

... the marine corps number from mco 5110.1c to mco 5110.1d (cover). o makes administrative changes throughout. this major revision, dated 25 january 2006- o changes the proponency of the regulation from deputy chief of staff, g-3/5/7 to the provost marshal general (proponent and exception authority statement). o mandates vehicle registration and... Summary of change ar 190-5/opnav 11200.5d/afi 31-218(i)/mco 5110.1d/dlar 5720.1 motor vehicle traffic supervision this administrative...

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