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M28 nagant PDF results

Manufacturer* barrel*rec'r*

Rifle-m28 fin-6159-17 total "sneak" rifle n/a hex no known codes visible. rifle-m28 fin-6159-18 total "sneak" rifle n/a hex missing screw for rear diopter sight. rifle-m28 fin-6159-19 total "sneak" rifle n/a hex no known codes visible. rifle-m28 fin-6159-20 total "sneak" rifle n/a hex no known codes visible. base mount on front receiver bridge. Part*#* manufacturer* barrel*rec'r* other rifle-m28 fin-6159-16 asev 1 district arsenal build n/a hex sako marked rear barrel sight. mounting...

Mosin-nagant - nagant

Mosin-nagant 1 mosin-nagant mosin-nagant mosin nagant series of rifles type bolt-action rifle place of origin russian empire soviet union service history in service 1891 - present used by see users wars russo-japanese war world war i russian revolution of 1917 russian civil war chinese civil war Häyhä is credited with killing 505 soviet soldiers using his m28 mosin-nagant. [6] in 1936, the 91/30 was again modified, this time to speed production.

The finnish mosin nagant rifle-carbine

In the chart below one will be able to quickly find information on the finnish manufacture of the mosin nagant rifle and carbine. the production numbers on the chart come from a number of sources, these include official finnish records as found in the works of markku palokangas, other outlets in finland, data collecting with various... The finnish mosin nagant rifle-carbine : production information and notes... sig: three plants produced barrels for the m28 but the barrel production quite late...

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