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Lumiblade PDF results

lumiblade creative lab - philips

lumiblade creative lab philips lumiblade is more than just another light source - it is a highly-adaptable material that removes the boundaries of shape and size...

lumiblade oleds the new art of light - philips

All shapes, all colors with its lumiblade oleds, philips offers numerous varia-tions of the new light source right out of the box. whether square, round or...

Datasheet lumiblade gl350 b1 stan-stbk 2012-09-27

system figure 1: impression of lumiblade gl350 b1 stan (left) and lumiblade gl350 b1 stbk in off and on description remark indoor/outdoor indoor

Solid-state lighting: the new basics - energy

©2013 led transformations, llc 1 solid-state lighting the new basics. 2013 doe solid-state lighting. market introduction workshop. november 12, 2013

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