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Lol lmao acronyms PDF results

Text me if :) makes you lol or pull out your hair - jk

Since you generally can't see the person you're texting, acronyms and other... i've noticed newly annoying versions of lol, such as lmao (laughing my ass off)...

Texting 101: the new lingo and jargon for text messaging

Their acronyms are the largest list of acronyms and text message shorthand, and... now we have omg - oh my gosh, f2f - face to face, lol - laugh out loud...

Im acronyms & emoticons free pdf

... jtlyk just to let you know k okay kis keep it simple l8r later lol laugh out loud lmao... im acronyms & emoticons free pdf created date: 20070510120644

Texting / chatting acronyms kids use - most popular acronyms

Alol actually laughing out loud. asap as soon as possible... lmao laughing my a** off. lmk let me know. lmso... texting / chatting acronyms kids use...

Common chat room messaging abbreviations

... i see igp i gotta pee iha i hate acronyms ihu i... head off llta lots and lots of ause lmao laughing my a** off lmso laughing my socks off lol laughing out loud...

[chat lingo]

lol! if you're a parent, you might want to find out... acronyms are now part of every teen's language... lmao laughing my a** off lmirl lets meet in real...

E-safety - useful websites

Generation of abbreviations and acronyms. some of these... r are lol laugh out loud ez easy omg oh my god! a?... lmao laugh my ass off rofl rolling on...

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