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Jsonobject android PDF results

Json web services for android

Import org.json.jsonobject; import android.util.log; import com.google.gson.gson; public class webservice{ defaulthttpclient httpclient; httpcontext localcontext;

android phonegap: how to:how to create a phonegap plugin for

* e.g {"filename":&qu ot;/sdcard","is dir":true,"chil dren":[{"filena me":"a.txt" ;,"isdir":false },{..}]} * <?@?>throws jsonexception */ private jsonobject getdirectorylisting(file. ..

Connecting android with delphi datasnap server - r&d director ...

Connecting android with delphi datasnap server daniele teti. r&d director... //we have the json structure in memory. jsonobject jsonobject = new jsonobject...

Sip2peer tutorial android example

Sip2peer tutorial m. picone dsg - distributed systems group università degli studi di parma, italy sip2peer on android {*et*}override protected void onreceivedjsonmsg(jsonobject...

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