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Ice dam damage PDF results

The ice dam cometh! what's a homeowner to do?

Beneath the ice dam, undetectable damage is occurring in the attic and wall cavities. the wood framing is wet and may be rotting. insulation is soaked, which makes it

Jack frost can build ice dams right over your head

The ice dam. this snow-water backs up under the shingles and causes subsequent damage to rafters, insulation, walls and ceilings (see figure 1).

Re-thinking solutions to ice damming

While, a dam of ice forms on the roof above the exterior wall. the dam can cause... the loss in property value due to obvious water damage. once the warm air is kept...

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The insured seldom makes the connection between the damage found and their ice dam of the previous winter. besides the cost of restoration, hidden damage

Winter weather home care tips

If you suspect damage has occurred from an ice dam, contact travelers at 1-800-claim33 (1-800-252-4633) as soon as possible. our claim professionals can...

A tip from the housing center what is an ice dam?

Necessary for the formation of an ice dam. a "roof rake" and push broom can be used to remove snow, but may damage the roofing materials. • in an emergency situation...

ice damming

ice damming what is "ice dam" and what causes it? brought to you by new england... cost of prevention and protection products against the possible cost of damage if an ice dam...

Sixth division june 20, 2008

We need to know if it was the ice dam and we didn't see the damage." in a third e-mail, on february 18, 2002, johansen tells borsuk that sykes should be told that the...

Preventing ice dams

Ent types of damage, all ice-dam situations have two things in common: they happen because melting snow pools behind dams of ice at the roof's edge and leaks into the...

Addressing ice damming

ice dams are the ridge of ice that builds up on roof eaves. they are a common wintertime problem for wisconsin residents and they cause costly structural damage to

Self-adhered roofing underlayment for premium roof leak protection

An ice dam can form on almost any roof after a substantial... severe water damage in multiple rooms. during a single year, ice dams or wind-driven rain can

Winter woes: snow buildup & ice damming

Interior wall, ceiling and personal property damage. ironically, cooling the roof, rather than heating it, is the best way to prevent snow and ice dam problems.

Entilation iews ssue ocus ce ams

ice dams in past winters, homeowners from baltimore to boston to billings have learned about the damage caused by ice dams. in some cases, that knowledge came in the...

Preventing ice dams and associated problems

As well: structural overloading, falling ice damage, gutter and scupper blockage.... profile of typical ice dam photo of typical ice dam * "designing...

Technical bulletin #215-rr-87

Installed to insure maximum protection against ice dam damage. the appropriate selection of flashing material and the flashing strip width will depend upon the roof...

Severe icing of asphalt shingle roofs

Although removal of the ice may appear to be a practical remedy to avoid ice dam leaks, this may damage the roof, resulting in long term problems.

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