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"news from the virtual world"

You may recall the banner ads-the imvu logo with its cute blue font and pictures of cute avatars. imvu (www.imvu.com) is a 3d avatar-based instant messaging system with extensive user-created content, facebook-style avatar home pages, and a cute and sexy anime style. it is still in the public beta phase and pushes roughly one soft ware update to... ... avatars can make multimedia posts, blog, and post pictures, videos... your chat experience with a one-time $20.00 charge for an "access pass." getting started with imvu...

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Code craft nathaniel t. schutta who am i?• nathaniel t. schutta http://www.ntschutta.com/ jat/•{~~et~~}ntschutta foundations of ajax & pro ajax and java frameworks• ui guy• author, speaker, teacher• more than a couple of web apps the plan• what is good code?• where do you start?• code examples• how do you fix it?• how do you prevent... ... com/2009/02/10/continuous -deployment-at-imvu... access modifiers are more of a suggestion.... actively pass on knowledge. consider using videos, screencasts...

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