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Hybridization of sf5cl PDF results

) is the only polar molecule composed of non-polar bonds. the ...

sf5cl is the only polar molecule and thus hasthelargestatermanditis alsothelargest (interms of molecular weight) and so has the largestbtermaswell.

3-d shape of molecule

hybridization: combination of 2 or more atomic orbitals on the same atom to form a new set of "hybrid atomic orbitals" used in bonding. types of hybrid orbitals

2 lewis dot diagrams and vsepr structures

# of pairs basic shape hybridization of the central atom 2 linear sp 3 2 trigonal planar sp 4 3 tetrahedral sp

Chapter 10 the shapes of molecules

Chapter 10 the shapes of molecules. 10.1 to be the central atom in a compound, the atom must be able to simultaneously bond to at least two other atoms.

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