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How to eliminate wordiness PDF results

Ways to eliminate wordiness

Ways to eliminate wordiness long sentences are not necessarily wordy, nor are short sentences always concise. a sentence is wordy if its meaning...

Editing for wordiness - iupui : indiana university-purdue ...

School of liberal arts university writing center "because writers need readers" cavanaugh hall 427 university library 2125 (317)274-2049 (317)278-8171

Writing clear, readable sentences: avoid distracting wordiness

Long beach city college wrsc page1 of3 writing clear, readable sentences: avoid distracting wordiness during revision, good writers review and rework their sentences...

Revising for wordiness - lawrence university

Bloom, 2001 revising for wordiness: revision strategies (1) read aloud (2) eliminate redundancies (3) avoid repetition of words (4) eliminate or revise empty/inflated...

Eliminating wordiness what is wordiness?

Eliminating wordiness what is wordiness? the wordy definition: the situation of wordiness is one in which writers attempt to utilize several words or extravagant

Eliminating wordiness 1. do not repeat a word

Eliminating wordiness 1. do not repeat a word unless you need it again for clarity or emphasis. wordy: when i was a child, my favorite relatives were the relatives...

Eliminating wordiness

Developed and published by the university of delaware writing center 2007 www:english.udel.edu/wc 016 memorial hall, 831-1168


Eliminating wordiness and writing with style good writing is detailed and specific; poor writing is vague. reducing the number of words used in writing is a lofty...

Word choice - montana state university billings home

5/4/2004 word choice concise writing contains clear and focused sentences that convey precise meaning without excess words. when editing an essay, the writer should...

Pupil's edition page 307 collection four: all creatures great ...

Wordy sentences because of the simple fact that this car was owned by only one previous owner, who was a sweet little person who only drove to the market to get

Revision marks - tropic of rhetoric

Revision marks. when you get your papers back, i will have made comments on them. to avoid rewriting the same things over and over again, i've compiled a list of...

Some steps toward concise writing

#7) some steps toward concise writing eliminating wordiness is a crucial part of revising prose. repetitive sentences, colorless word choices, and dead-weight,

Wordy sentences

Wordy sentences long sentence are not always wordy sentences, and short sentences are not always concise. **a sentence is wordy if its meaning can be conveyed in...

Wall street journal business english found that 80% of businesses ...

Wednesdays april 9, 16, 23, & 30, 2008 9:00 am - 12:00 noon business assistance center green bay, wi

Wordfirm inc. copyediting checklist

Wordfirm inc. copyediting checklist • correct errors of punctuation, spelling, usage, grammar, and syntax. • correct improper use and inconsistencies in such...

Proofreading techniques

University writing center 407-823-2197 http://www.uwc.ucf.edu http://www.uwc.ucf.edu/ha ndouts/proofreading_techn iques.pdf

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