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Hodgdon powder in stock PDF results

January 2015 firearms auction page 1 of 21

January 2015 firearms auction page 1 of 21 item # description item # description 1 6 reloading books to include nosler, 2 hornady books, sierra, speer & lyman

.40 s&w ipsc loading data - maass' resources

.40 s&w ipsc loads list compiled by: jeff maass, uspsa l-1192 updated: 24 october 2003 who bullet powder oal vel pf note(s) layne simpson 155gr...

Powders in stock - higginson powders inc.

Powders in stock higginson powders inc. 2708 highway 34 hawkesbury, on k6a 2r2 tel.: (613)-632-9300 fax: (613)-632-5666 toll-free fax: 1-888-308-4350

reloading steel shotshells the basics - nodak ...

reloading steel shotshells the basics i have put together this information to help those who would like to start loading their own steel loads but are not sure how to...

St. marks powder - dtic

St. marks powder a general dynamics company may 16, 2006 ndia small caliber presentation

Handloading the

www.loaddata.com july-august 2007 2 brian pearce load development handloads for the.375 ruger hornady mfg. is currently offering 270- and 300-grain loads for the...


The lee-enfield ballistics in 1892, the.303 british cartridge was loaded with 70 grains of black powder and had a 215 grain round nose bullet with a muzzle

7mm-08 remington - accurateshoote

427 v • rifle reloading data indicates maximum load- use caution loads less than minimum charges shown are not recommended. 7mm-08 remington continued

Featurestory electronically reprinted from

Retumbo magnum powder. the firebird is an easy case to reload. rcbs dies are available, and the tough, hard brass seems to last forever. the most accurate factory...

Lead wads - welcome to dawson enterprises

powder very few powders are in stock-call first!! alliant 1 lb. 4 lb. 8 lb. amer. selec t, e 3, extra-lt, green dot, herco, red dot, unique

ballistics chart - hornady

80 ammo description velocity (fps) / energy (ft/lb) trajectory tables cartridge bullet item # hits # muzzle 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds 500 yds muzzle...

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