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High levels of serum ferritin PDF results

serum ferritin concentrations for the assessment of iron ...

serum ferritin, along with soluble transferrin receptor, provide an approach to measuring the iron status of populations as transferrin receptor does not rise in response to inflammation (4). the interpretation of low serum ferritin and high transferrin receptor concentrations is presented in table 2. however, the

iron-deficiency anemia in children

Limitations. a serum ferritin of less than 10 µg/l has been suggested as a cut-off for children indicating depletion of iron stores; however, as it is an acute phase reactant, the committee on nutrition recommends simultaneous measurement of c-reactive protein (crp). other promising tests include reticulocyte hemoglobin content (chr)

Guidelines for the management of iron deficiency anaemia

The serum markers of iron deficiency include low ferritin, low transferrin saturation, low iron, raised total iron-binding capacity, raised red cell zinc protoporphyrin, and increased serum transferrin receptor (stfr). serum ferritin is the most powerful test for iron deficiency in the absence of inflammation (a).

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