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Gizmo answers plate tectonics PDF results

Student exploration: plate tectonics - prior knowledge questions ...

The plate tectonics gizmo™ shows a cross-section, or side view, of earth. (not to scale.) above the cross section is a bird's -eye view of the same location.

Student exploration: plate tectonics

The plate tectonics gizmo™ shows a cross-section, or side view, of earth. (not to scale.) above the cross section is a bird's-eye view of the same location.

Chapter 12 resource: plate tectonics

Glencoe science chapter resources plate tectonics includes: reproducible student pages... t5 teacher guide and answers...

Student exploration: building pangaea answer key - prior knowledge ...

Accept all answers. [according to the theory of plate tectonics, antarctica used to be located farther from... observe: the brown areas in the gizmo show where...

Why gizmos work

... about new situations, after which they verify their answers using the gizmo.... moon phases • pith ball lab • moonrise, moonset, and phases • plate tectonics...

Compendium of instructional strategies

... energy content of foods and fuels gizmo: food chain... plate tectonics sc.d.2.4.1 the student understands the... from four possible choices and to mark their answers...

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