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Gerund phrases worksheets PDF results

The gerund phrase

The gerund phrase the gerund phrase consists of the gerund, which always ends in -ing, and its modifiers and complements. the gerund phrase is always used as a...

Gerunds and gerund phrases

Gerunds and gerund phrases a gerund is a "verb + ing" used as a noun. examples: swimming is good exercise. (subject) the girls enjoy swimming.

Language handbook worksheets

Language handbook worksheets additional practice in grammar, usage, and mechanics support for the language handbook in the student edition second course

Misplaced modifiers

Misplaced modifiers (note: refer to discovery, 320-324, for additional practice.) when modifiers (adjectives and adverbs) are out of place, too far away from the word...

Parallelism, including correlative conjunctions and comparisons ...

Copyright © 2010, grammar-worksheets.com. freely reproducible for non-profit educational purposes. parallelism, including correlative conjunctions and...

5.7 nominative case and objective case pronouns

Chapter 5 - usage of verbs, pronouns, & modifiers 171 5.7 nominative case and objective case pronouns personal pronouns have three cases: nominative,


Age combining sentences mini-lessons and practice • student worksheets • wrher's reference sheet • inswerke, holt, rinehart and winston

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