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A panadapter for the ft-817

The unit is a self contained sdr receiver that can cover 64 mhz - 1700 mhz. it is usb based. under windows, it shows up as a sound card. no special drivers are needed. it works with most sdr software that supports i & q. it includes an lna, tuner and... A panadapter for the ft-817 mike, n1jez an interesting new sdr receiver called the funcube dongle 1,2,3 recently went on sale in support of amsat-uk's funcube...

ft-817 operating manual

... hold in the pwr switch for one second to turn to the transceiver on or off.(2) af knob this (inner) vol knob adjusts the receiver audio volume level presented to the speaker or external speaker. clockwise rotation increases the volume... ft-817 o perating m anual 1 front panel control & switches front panel control & switches front panel control & switches front panel control &...

ft-817 cw filter

... filter to the yaesu ft-817 is simple and straightforward, and will save money compared to purchasing the factory version. the collins 526-8634-010 ìlow cost bandpass mechanical filterî is a seven resonator low profile 455khz filter that... K6xx 1 ft-817 cw filter nccc © 2001, 2005, 26k engineering and r.p. wolbert adding a collins mechanical cw filter to the ft-817 bob wolbert, k6xx adding a...

21 june 2002 moderator: barry - w4wb; contact: w4wb@arr

Last update: 21 june 2002 *** please submit any data to be included in the faqs, comments, or corrections to w4wb{~~@~~}arrl.net. kindly submit both a question and an answer with a suggested topic. your submission may be incorporated into either a new... ft-817 faq - frequently asked questions 21 june 2002 moderator: barry - w4wb; contact: w4wb[~@~]arrl.net topic question answer date 000 * * * * * * * * * *...

W4rt electronics

... filter (obf-817) is an accessory for the yaesu ft-817 and ft-817nd. w4rt electronics provides the obf-817 as a high-performance, lower-cost alternative to the yaesu optional filters for the ft-817 and ft-817nd, and the obf-817 allows the... W4rt electronics ™ ™ a division of cyberair development corporation www. w4rt.com 22 march 2005 for the yaesu ft-817 & ft-817nd the one board...

Ik1zyw keypad for ft-817

It was conceived during a 6-hour field session at 2700 m.a.s.l. for a vhf contest in august 2008. three functions were accessed very often, always hunting for them through the menu: power level, meter mode and vox toggle. some easily accessible Ik1zyw keypad for ft-817 (public firmware) what is it? the ik1zyw keypad for ft-817 is a wired partial remote control for the little yaesu transceiver.

ft-817 adapter for the ele craft t1 atu

... convenient control of the elecraft t1 antenna tuner from a yaesu ft-817 transceiver. changing bands on the transceiver recalls per-band atu settings without transmitting. installing the ft-817 adapter connect the adapter cable's 3.5 mm phone... Elecraft • www.elecraft.com • 831-662-8345 ft-817 adapter for the e le craft t1 atu rev. a, march 12, 2005 the t1-ft817 adapter allows...

A 10w 80m linear for the ft-817 by mike, g8ckt

... my tiny signal is frequently too tiny to be heard! the obvious solution to this problem was the addition of a modest linear amplifier to raise the 1 w provided by the ft-817 on low power to the maximum of 10 w allowed in the qrp section of the... A 10w 80m linear for the ft-817. by mike, g8ckt. using my ft-817 for the 80m club championships when away from home has proved to be something of a...

Modifying the yaesu ft-817 external 10 mhz reference input

... mhz source. so, why do this modification? weak-signal experiments require a rig that is both stable and accurately on-frequency. the ft-817 derives its internal mixing frequencies from a single 22.625 mhz reference oscillator whose frequency is... Modifying the yaesu ft-817 external 10 mhz reference input david smith - vk3hz introduction this document describes the modification of an ft-817 to lock it to an...

Yaesu ft-817 transverter/pa sequencer

It also makes a very good if rig for a microwave transverter. this document describes a simple circuit based on a picaxe that can be used to either:control one or two power amplifiers on different bandscontrol one or two transverters Yaesu ft-817 transverter/pa sequencer david smith - vk3hz introduction the ft-817 is a very versatile rig. however, it does benefit from more output power with...

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