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Electron configuration gizmo questions PDF results

Student exploration sheet: growing plants

... electron configuration, hund's rule, orbital, pauli exclusion principle, period, shell, spin, subshell prior knowledge questions (do these before using the gizmo.)

Patterns among elements: electron configurations

electron configuration gizmo; click launch. a. using the blank periodic table, mark... c. complete the following questions. refer to your gizmo work and to text ch 5.2...

Student exploration: density laboratory - rh rollings middle ...

When you are sure you understand the property of density, answer the five multiple-choice questions at the bottom of the gizmo. you may only submit these...

Compendium of instructional strategies

... to memorize a large number of facts. some questions... factors affecting rate of reactions gizmo:... and chemical properties can be predicted. electron configuration...

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